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These guidelines are to assist you as a member of DesignHost and we would be grateful if you would operate within them during your stay here.





  • Be polite! We’re a friendly, welcoming community and want it to stay like that. Don’t be rude or abrasive. If you’re pleasant to others, they’ll be pleasant back. We all have disagreements now and again but we don’t insult people or get angry with them. Remember to be
    articulate and witty. We like that. Forget about being rude or mean, we don’t like that! Also, offensive, illegal or mature-themed material is not allowed.
  • Have fun…. but not at the expense of others! We like to have fun; we enjoy a laugh and a joke as long as that’s all it is. We
    don’t like the ridiculing of fellow community members. If you keep clear of doing that, we’ll keep clear of doing that to you.
  • Keep all your support topics in the correct support forum. If you are not sure where to post, please ask a staff member for assistance.
  • SPAM! We don’t like it and we’re sure you don’t either. We’re proud of our site and want it to be the best. We don’t mind it if
    you’re from a competing site but we don’t like it if you spam your site here. So don’t advertise your site on ours and we won’t come and advertise our site on yours. We’re also not at all keen on you posting and asking for people to visit your site and become members. We wouldn’t do that to you so it’s only right you don’t do it to us.
  • Our moderators are a fine bunch, but you might not always agree with them and they may not always agree with you. If you do
    happen to disagree with something one of them has done, or your topic or post has vanished or moved with no explanation, don’t get all angry about it and begin posting rude messages. Instead, contact one of the Admins or Management by PM or e-mail and explain your point of view. These things can generally be resolved pleasantly.
  • We request that you wait twenty-four hours before "bumping" a topic. This mean making a new reply for the sole purpose of
    getting it to the top of the page.
  • Like you, we enjoy signatures and avatars and don’t mind anyone having them, but try to keep them reasonable. Huge pictures
    (either in pixel or byte size) can get really annoying, especially to those on dial-up. We’ll ask you to change it if it’s too big.
  • Sometimes, people might post an inappropriate topic or reply, or it may be in a place where a Moderator hasn’t noticed it. If
    you stumble across one of these, we’d be grateful if you would use the Report Post to Moderator feature. You don’t need to respond to the post saying it’s in the wrong place or not really acceptable. Just report it and we’ll deal with it.
  • We’re a forgiving community. We realize that sometimes things can be said that aren’t meant or are taken the wrong way. We
    also realize that sometimes people’s emotions get the better of their judgement. We’re not quite so forgiving of people who just seem to want to cause trouble. We don’t like to use it, but we have a system to warn people if they’re doing things these guidelines have politely asked them not to do. One of the Moderators will normally contact you at first and ask you to remember these guidelines. If the guidelines continue to be ignored then a warning might be issued. And if you’re a serial spammer or community disrupter, a ban may well be in order so that those of us who like to hang out here can continue having an enjoyable time.
  • Finally be friendly. If you’re friendly and polite we’ll welcome you and you’ll fit right in !