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Nginx 1.11.6

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Changes with nginx 1.11.6                                        15 Nov 2016

    *) Change: format of the $ssl_client_s_dn and $ssl_client_i_dn variables
       has been changed to follow RFC 2253 (RFC 4514); values in the old
       format are available in the $ssl_client_s_dn_legacy and
       $ssl_client_i_dn_legacy variables.

    *) Change: when storing temporary files in a cache directory they will
       be stored in the same subdirectories as corresponding cache files
       instead of a separate subdirectory for temporary files.

    *) Feature: EXTERNAL authentication mechanism support in mail proxy.
       Thanks to Robert Norris.

    *) Feature: WebP support in the ngx_http_image_filter_module.

    *) Feature: variables support in the "proxy_method" directive.
       Thanks to Dmitry Lazurkin.

    *) Feature: the "http2_max_requests" directive in the

    *) Feature: the "proxy_cache_max_range_offset",
       "fastcgi_cache_max_range_offset", "scgi_cache_max_range_offset", and
       "uwsgi_cache_max_range_offset" directives.

    *) Bugfix: graceful shutdown of old worker processes might require
       infinite time when using HTTP/2.

    *) Bugfix: in the ngx_http_mp4_module.

    *) Bugfix: "ignore long locked inactive cache entry" alerts might appear
       in logs when proxying WebSocket connections with caching enabled.

    *) Bugfix: nginx did not write anything to log and returned a response
       with code 502 instead of 504 when a timeout occurred during an SSL
       handshake to a backend.
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