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  1. The tinyCMS Project tinyCMS is a pretty small content management system for web contents. It's comes with a clompletly webbased environment that allows you to edit and add articles in very easy manner. tinyCMS works with a database which is similar to emailfolders: <Kategorie>: home/ <Datum>: 08.11.2000 <Autor>: andi <Vorlage>: head.svl, foot.svl <Subject>: Welcome! ...Article... The headers content usefull information about the article (e.g. the writer, the date of the publication, the (virtual) path, the definded template and finally the subject). Below the headers there is the "real" article. With the webbased environement you can manage all your articles. You can easily add new ones, change older ones or remove them. You won't have to know about HTML. This is usefull for e.g. small firms which don't want to pay a lot of money for a webdesigner. tinyCMS works with templates. You can build them in HTML but you have to be carefull: there are some variables which need a own line in the templates or they will cause an error. You can set the templates for your special subdirectories through adding the entries to your kategorien.txt file. See the documentation which comes with tinyCMS. You can get tinyCMS by downloading it here. For the CVS repository look here A you'll have a faster connection, if you download it here If you decide to use tinyCMS for your website we'd like to ask you to link us with your homepage. Thanks a lot for using tinyCMS!