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5 video editing tips to enhance your storytelling

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You’ve shot some quality video footage and so now it’s time for the fun part, the part where you get to fully unleash your creativity: video editing. However, if you’ve never tackled it before, editing video can be a daunting task. But never fear, creating quality videos is easier than you might think. 

Whether you’re new to the world of video, a creator of social videos, a professional video editor or a prosumer who needs easy-to-use video effects, Filmora9 is a video editor designed for all types of creators and skill levels. Feature-rich, including full 4K support and endless video effects, Filmora9 will enable you to create professional-looking video with speed and ease.

Here are five essential video editing techniques to help you get started:

Match Cut

A match cut is very similar to a standard cut (when you cut from one clip to another without any transition), the difference being when you cut between clips,  the subject matter in both match. It’s an editing technique which, done correctly, can really elevate a production. Watch the above video to see how effective a match cut can be.

J or L cut

Two common but powerful video editing techniques are J and L cuts. The J cut is when the viewer watching clip A hears the audio from clip B before seeing clip B. This audio transition is a great way of playing with the viewers senses before they see any visuals. 

Contra to the J cut is the L cut, which works on the same principle, only mirrored. With an L cut, the audio from a preceding scene continues to play over footage from the following scene. 

Discover how both J and L cut works in the demonstration above.


A montage is a video editing technique that signifies the passage of time, a flashback or an artistic compilation of imagery, often underscored with music. The above ‘Emotions’ video montage by Lindsay McCutcheon is a great example of how powerful this simple but effective editing technique can be.

Whip Pan

A whip pan is actually a camera technique, whereby the camera literally whips from one direction to another, causing a blurred shot to be created. This type of shot can then be used as an unbroken means of transitioning between two clips. Whip pan transitions are a great way to indicate the passage of time or create an atmosphere of frenzy and disturbance, as demonstrated perfectly in the above scene, again from Hot Fuzz. 

Sam Kolder transitions

Sam Kolder is a travel influencer and a filmmaker and he’s known for his epic travel videos. He’s also known for his unique signature style, like zoom transitions. Filmora9’s toolset includes a variety of transitions to choose from, including ones inspired by Sam Kolder himself. Find out how they work, and how you can create them in your own projects in the video above. 

Now we’ve covered some essential video editing techniques, you can get started on your own video projects. Need some extra help? The Filmora YouTube channel has lots more video editing tips and tricks to guide you in the right direction.

Filmora9 is available for Mac and Windows and is priced at $59.99 for a lifetime license or $39.99 for one year. Find more information and sign up here

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