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  1. Expert panel awards dubious honors to 2021 Consumer Electronics Show’s biggest flops, including security and privacy failures. View the full article
  2. Starting Feb. 9, Microsoft will enable Domain Controller “enforcement mode” by default to address CVE-2020-1472. View the full article
  3. Security researchers lambasted the controversial macOS Big Sur feature for exposing users' sensitive data. View the full article
  4. This post is originally published on Designmodo: How to Set Up a High Conversion Email Marketing Campaign in 2021 In the new year with new marketing strategies on the horizon, it’s time to dive into ensuring your email marketing campaigns are ready to convert customers. More than half of consumers still want brands to contact them via email as … For more information please contact Designmodo View the full article
  5. CISA has issued an alert warning that cloud services at U.S. organizations are being actively and successfully targeted. View the full article
  6. The optional feature was released free to users in a technical preview this week, adding a new layer of security to service, which has been plagued by privacy concerns. View the full article
  7. Cisco fixed high-severity flaws tied to 67 CVEs overall, including ones found inits AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client and in its RV110W, RV130, RV130W, and RV215W small business routers. View the full article
  8. Two security vulnerabilities -- one a privilege-escalation problem and the other a stored XSS bug -- afflict a WordPress plugin with 40,000 installs. View the full article
  9. On the heels of a cyberattack on the EMA, cybercriminals have now leaked Pfizer and BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine data on the internet. View the full article
  10. Watering-hole attacks executed by ‘experts’ exploited Chrome, Windows and Android flaws and were carried out on two servers. View the full article
  11. This post is originally published on Designmodo: Top Web Design and UI Trends for 2021 Jumpstart new projects and website redesigns with a few of the hottest elements in design for 2021. These trending styles are sure to help you create in a way that’ modern, fresh and perfect for the new year. Here’s the … For more information please contact Designmodo View the full article
  12. The first Patch Tuesday security bulletin for 2021 from Microsoft includes fixes for one bug under active attack, possibly linked to the massive SolarWinds hacks. View the full article
  13. Adobe issued patches for seven critical arbitrary-code-execution flaws plaguing Windows and MacOS users. View the full article
  14. Threatpost editors discuss the SolarWinds hack, healthcare ransomware attacks and other threats that will plague enterprises in 2021. View the full article
  15. Former CISA director Chris Krebs and former Facebook security exec Alex Stamos have teamed up to create a new consulting group - and have been hired by SolarWinds. View the full article