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The best cheap Microsoft Surface Studio 2 deals

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Are you on the hunt for a cheap Microsoft Surface Studio 2 deal? Look no further. With our price comparison tool automatically checks thousands of prices from all the most reputable retailers, you'll be able to find the best offers as and when they appear.

The Microsoft Surface Studio 2 is the robust digital drafting table that many creatives have been waiting for. Building on the success of its predecessor, the Microsoft Surface Studio 2 sets a benchmark for visually-focused content creators.

It's only newly been released, but we already have an eye out for the best cheap  Surface Studio 2 deals, and we'll bring them to you on this page as soon as they're available. Read on for the best prices around. 


When it comes to high-end digital drafting tables, the Microsoft Surface Studio 2 really is in a league of its own. Despite being capable of handling pretty much all modern computing tasks, this device really excels at rendering 3D graphics, multitasking, and dealing with processor-intensive tasks.

Building on the same physical design as the first Surface Studio, this model upgraded its display with drastic results. In terms of brightness and contrast, these have been boosted by 38% (515 nits) and 22% (1,200:1), respectively.

This will be music to the ears of artists and designers, who will now be able to study their work in more detail. And thanks to the enhanced contrast, creators can now enjoy greater colour depth. 

If you're already familiar with the Surface Pro tablet styluses, expect more of the same here. Capable of being magnetically attached to the left hand side of the display, the Surface Pen stylus is identical, only now it's free to roam across a much larger surface.

And because the Surface Studio 2 is a Microsoft device, it's not weighed down with third party software. This means you can start creating lightning fast without pre-installed software getting in the way.

While it might not be a suitable comparison to a computer, the Microsoft Surface Studio 2 packs a punch where it matters: upgrading on its forerunner to deliver a brighter, faster creative experience. If you're looking to find the best Microsoft Surface Studio 2 deals, bookmark this page as our price comparison chart will be updated automatically with the lowest prices.

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