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OVZ to KVM migration with full CentOS 6 to CentOS 7 in place upgrade

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wherever i visited it was made quite clear upgrading CentOS 6 to CentOS 7 is not a realistically viable option
and OVZ6 or otherwise OpenVZ aka Virtuozzo containers lack their kernel so migrating was between hard to not possible.
Well, we are happy to disagree since we managed to do the Virtualization equivalent of Magellan Circumnavigation after a week of hard work: we started with OVZ container running CentOS 6.10 and cPanel / WHM 11.86 with an upgrade blocker due to COS6 being EOL since November 2020. Managed by trial and error to migrate this container to a KVM clone running same CentOS 6.10 and all files cloned 1-1 with rsync. Then we run the magnificent yet underrrated Red Hat upgrade tool in the KVM virtual machine to upgrade to CentOS 7.0.1406 and had to recreate the missing grub2 entries since grub is no more on COS7. From that point onwards we managed to properly yum update to 7.9 and finally to fix cPanel RPM issues and run a full WHM upgrade to 11.94.
In short : OVZ COS6 WHM 11.86 -> KVM COS6 WHM 11.86 -> KVM COS7 WHM 1186 -> KVM COS7 WHM 11.94 and are are running now at latest version with functionality surprisingly high if not almost full identical
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