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  1. by Arunlal Ashok · May 24, 2015 Is it possible? A back-end option to enable SPF and DKIM for already created cPanel accounts? In cPanel, backend scripts are available to enable SPF and DKIM for all accounts that are already created without enabling email authentications, SPF and DKIM. We have already discussed “How to enable SPF and DKIM automatically for all newly creating accounts?“. That’s simple, right! Enabling this features in the DNS will increase the reputation of all emails sent out from that account (domain). SPF stands for “Sender Policy Framework”, it’s a TXT record to the domain DNS. DKIM stands for “Domain Keys Identified Mail”, DKIM is an authentication protocol that is used by email receivers to determine original ownership of that email. In a DKIM enabled domain, an encrypted digital signature will add to all emails sent out from that domain which will help to identify the originality of that email. cPanel script to enable SPF via commandline: Syntax # /usr/local/cpanel/bin/spf_installer $username Where, $username is the cPanel user name. cPanel script to enable DKIM via commandline: Syntax # /usr/local/cpanel/bin/dkim_keys_install $username Replace $username with the actual cPanel username. The above commands will help you to enable email authentications for single cPanel users. If you have hundreds of accounts and you want to enable SPF and DKIM for all accounts, please follow the simple for loop. Here we can get the cPanel usernames from “/var/cpanel/users”. Then give that to installations scripts. Please see the sample script below: Script for username in `ls -A /var/cpanel/users` ; do /usr/local/cpanel/bin/dkim_keys_install $username && /usr/local/cpanel/bin/spf_installer $username ; done That’s it! wait for a while, it’ll set all.
  2. UTF8 Database Converter This tool will convert your IP.Board 3.x database to UTF8 (with a collation of utf8_unicode_ci). This tool has a web interface and a CLI interface which is preferable where permission allows. The download zip contains full instructions inside the "readme.html" document. Your original data is not overwritten until you confirm that the conversion has been successful so you can test this out as many times as you like. Reporting Bugs If you do spot any bugs, please post it to the bug tracker. Requirements Please note that the UTF8 Converter has the following requirements: Minimum of PHP 5.3 Minimum of MySQL 5.0.3
  3. IPS UTF-8 Database Converter By Matt January 23, 2014 Please note that this entry may be a little technical, if you do have any questions, please post them in the comments below. A little history IP.Board was first released over ten years ago when the web landscape was very different. A lot of emerging technologies were still trying to define new standards. Very early versions of IP.Board allowed one to specify the document character set and had a default of "ISO-8559-1" which is useful for languages that use latin based characters. This meant, for example, that if you needed Chinese characters you would need to change the character set to something more suitable. This disparity between character sets creates many challenges when working with a single code base. UTF-8 Over the past handful of years there has been a push towards a single document character set; UTF-8. UTF-8 is a variable-width encoding that is able to show every character in the Unicode character set. This makes it suitable for latin and Chinese characters (and many many more!). Popular Javascript libraries such as jQuery require that data is sent and received with UTF-8 and many native PHP string functions prefer UTF-8. The future is very much UTF-8 and trying to keep our codebase working with any other character set is going to be more and more challenging. IPS 4.0 Even though IP.Board 3 introduced UTF-8 as the default character set for new installations, we're aware that we still have many clients that are not using UTF-8 currently. IPS 4.0 is going to be strictly UTF-8 only which means we need to convert the data before or as part of the upgrade process. Converting to UTF-8 isn't as simple as changing the database encoding. Merely doing this will simply corrupt the data you have in your database. We need to be a little smarter and use a script to do this work for us. The great news is that even if you choose to convert your data to UTF-8 today, your IP.Board 3.x will run just fine and you may even find it more efficient as it doesn't have to convert lots of data on the fly. The IPS UTF-8 Database Converter We've written a script that can safely convert your database to UTF-8. The script does not overwrite your data until you manually confirm that the conversion process has been successful. This means that there is no risk of corrupting your existing data. Of course, it is good practice to perform a full MySQL back-up before making any changes to the database as a precaution and we recommend that you do this. You can download the converter and its instructions here. How can I tell if I need to convert my database? When you first run the converter, it'll check your database and let you know if you need to convert or not. Even if you are running UTF-8, you may not be using the correct collation (utf8_unicode_ci) so you have the option of changing your collation which is a very fast procedure and does not need a full conversion to complete. If you first used IP.Board with IP.Board 3.0 then you may only need to change your database table collation. This isn't a required step and the IPS 4 upgrade process will perform this task if you'd prefer to wait until IPS 4.0 is released. Support Please note that while we're happy to provide some pointers within the client forums, this release is not officially supported by our technical support department. Beta Release As this is a beta release, please be aware that there may be bugs. If you do spot one, please post it to the IPS Extras bug tracker.
  4. FATAL ERROR Your settings could not be read by IP.Board. This is a fatal error and IP.Board cannot function while this issue persists. This issue is generally caused by changing your character set in the ACP to one that does not support data stored in the rest of your settings, or by restoring a database backup/completing a server transfer and importing your database tables using the wrong character set or collation. You should contact IPS Technical Support for further assistance.
  5. also depends on the backup method !
  6. Available character sets The following character sets are available: mysql> show character set; +----------+-----------------------------+---------------------+--------+ | Charset | Description | Default collation | Maxlen | +----------+-----------------------------+---------------------+--------+ | big5 | Big5 Traditional Chinese | big5_chinese_ci | 2 | | dec8 | DEC West European | dec8_swedish_ci | 1 | | cp850 | DOS West European | cp850_general_ci | 1 | | hp8 | HP West European | hp8_english_ci | 1 | | koi8r | KOI8-R Relcom Russian | koi8r_general_ci | 1 | | latin1 | cp1252 West European | latin1_swedish_ci | 1 | | latin2 | ISO 8859-2 Central European | latin2_general_ci | 1 | | swe7 | 7bit Swedish | swe7_swedish_ci | 1 | | ascii | US ASCII | ascii_general_ci | 1 | | ujis | EUC-JP Japanese | ujis_japanese_ci | 3 | | sjis | Shift-JIS Japanese | sjis_japanese_ci | 2 | | hebrew | ISO 8859-8 Hebrew | hebrew_general_ci | 1 | | tis620 | TIS620 Thai | tis620_thai_ci | 1 | | euckr | EUC-KR Korean | euckr_korean_ci | 2 | | koi8u | KOI8-U Ukrainian | koi8u_general_ci | 1 | | gb2312 | GB2312 Simplified Chinese | gb2312_chinese_ci | 2 | | greek | ISO 8859-7 Greek | greek_general_ci | 1 | | cp1250 | Windows Central European | cp1250_general_ci | 1 | | gbk | GBK Simplified Chinese | gbk_chinese_ci | 2 | | latin5 | ISO 8859-9 Turkish | latin5_turkish_ci | 1 | | armscii8 | ARMSCII-8 Armenian | armscii8_general_ci | 1 | | utf8 | UTF-8 Unicode | utf8_general_ci | 3 | | ucs2 | UCS-2 Unicode | ucs2_general_ci | 2 | | cp866 | DOS Russian | cp866_general_ci | 1 | | keybcs2 | DOS Kamenicky Czech-Slovak | keybcs2_general_ci | 1 | | macce | Mac Central European | macce_general_ci | 1 | | macroman | Mac West European | macroman_general_ci | 1 | | cp852 | DOS Central European | cp852_general_ci | 1 | | latin7 | ISO 8859-13 Baltic | latin7_general_ci | 1 | | cp1251 | Windows Cyrillic | cp1251_general_ci | 1 | | cp1256 | Windows Arabic | cp1256_general_ci | 1 | | cp1257 | Windows Baltic | cp1257_general_ci | 1 | | binary | Binary pseudo charset | binary | 1 | | geostd8 | GEOSTD8 Georgian | geostd8_general_ci | 1 | | cp932 | SJIS for Windows Japanese | cp932_japanese_ci | 2 | | eucjpms | UJIS for Windows Japanese | eucjpms_japanese_ci | 3 | +----------+-----------------------------+---------------------+--------+
  7. Μόλις μου έτυχε ξανα σενάριο μεταφοράς βάσης IPB με άλλο collation και βλεπουμε μετά: FATAL ERROR Your settings could not be read by IP.Board. This is a fatal error and IP.Board cannot function while this issue persists. This issue is generally caused by changing your character set in the ACP to one that does not support data stored in the rest of your settings, or by restoring a database backup/completing a server transfer and importing your database tables using the wrong character set or collation. You should contact IPS Technical Support for further assistance. Η λυση ειναι το παρακάτω DB="{your DB name}" ( echo 'ALTER DATABASE `'"$DB"'` CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;' mysql "$DB" -e "SHOW TABLES" --batch --skip-column-names \ | xargs -I{} echo 'ALTER TABLE `'{}'` CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;' ) \ | mysql "$DB"
  8. Force Non Legacy Backup to Start (WHM/cPanel) Learn backup configuration that will force it to run immediately instead of waiting for the backup schedule. Learn to do it yourself. If you have setup a Backup to run in WHM -> Backup -> Backup Configuration and would like to force it to run immediately instead of waiting for the backup schedule you can do so through SSH. 1. Login to your server via SSH 2. Type: /usr/local/cpanel/bin/backup --force 3. This will report that it is starting the backup and creating a log file. 4. If it does not return with that information after running it, this means that there is most likely already a backup being taken. You can check to see if a backup is being run by typing: ps aux | grep backup If it has been running a long time (e.g. it may be hung) you can kill it by finding the PID from the ps aux output, and typing: kill -9 PID Force Legacy Backup to Start (WHM/cPanel) /scripts/cpbackup --force
  9. The latest versions of EasyApache has removed the ability to compile PHP 5.2 and thus most of the legacy Drupal 6.x fails to run properly (lots of random 404 errors). Here is how you get this back: yum install libcurl-devel libmcrypt libmcrypt-devel aspell aspell-devel tidy libtidy libtidy-devel libxslt libxslt-devel cd /var/cpanel/easy/apache/custom_opt_mods/ You need to get the last mod for EasyApache. You can do this by visiting this link. wget tar -xzf custom_opt_mod-PHP5217update.tar.gz nano /var/cpanel/easy/apache/rawopts/all_php5 and add these options: --with-curl --with-gd --enable-exif --with-gettext --with-imap=/opt/php_with_imap_client/ --enable-mbstring --with-mysql-sock=/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock --with-mysqli=/usr/bin/mysql_config --with-openssl=/usr --enable-pdo=shared --with-pdo-mysql=shared --with-pdo-sqlite=shared --with-sqlite=shared --with-mime-magic --enable-soap --with-pspell --enable-wddx --with-xmlrpc --with-xsl=/opt/xslt/ --with-kerberos --with-curl --enable-zip --with-ttf --enable-gd-native-ttf --with-freetype-dir=/usr You can enable there any other relevant PHP modules you need. Then recompile Apache using Easy Apache from WHM. Go to step 3 “Please choose which specific PHP version(s) to build”. Then on the “PHP Versio n” screen chose “None” and continue to step 4, The “Short Options List” page you will see “PHP 5.2.17 support (no FastCGI)” listed. Check that box and continue your EasyApache installation like normal.
  10. αν και μπορεί κάποιος απλά να παίξει με CloudLinux όπου και διοατηρούνται repo για τόσο παλιές εκδόσεις PHP υπάρχουν και άλλοι τρόποι να έχεις PHP 5.2.17 μέσα από EasyAPache 3
  11. Μολις έτυχε να βρω 11GB μεσα στο ~/.cpanel/comet σε VPS και διαβάζω root 100% full Strange directory inside /root : Solution: You can safely clean up the comet directory by running the following command that will remove all files in this directory that have not been accessed in more than three days. /usr/local/cpanel/bin/purge_dead_comet_files >> ήδη ξεκίνησε και βλεπουμε root@server [~/.cpanel/comet]# /usr/local/cpanel/bin/purge_dead_comet_files ******Cleaning up comet for root
  12. MySQL Tuner + Tuning Primer αυτοί είναι οι φίλοι σου
  13. Καλημέρα, όλα αυτά που αναφέρεις είναι χρήσιμα αλλά ίσως επωφεληθείς περισσότερο από MySQL tuning ώστε να μπορείς και να ξεπεράσεις τα spikes αλλά και να βελτιωθεί το όλο Performance. Γράφεις restart ο server, φαντάζομαι μόνο το MySQL service και όχι όλο το box / VPS ?
  14. Corporate website hosting For a strong internet presence! Today, in order to communicate with your clients effectively you must have an internet presence. The more essential communication method is via the corporate website. WIND gives you the ability to host your corporate website on the Internet for free, using the Microsoft IISplatform, for a constant internet presence, securely and without limitations. Information is being managed from a modern, user-friendly panel that offers full control over your corporate website. In addition, as your needs grow, you may add extra services, in order to have the flexibility to make your own package. Below, you will find details on the main features of the hosting platform. Service features Capacity 1 GB Traffic 1 GB Web Technologies ASP, ASP.NET, Frontpage Extensions, Perl, Python, PHP4, PHP5, CGI-BIN Password Protected directories √ File manager √ FTP Account √ Shared SSL Certificate √ Site management Control Panel √ Flash √ Data Backup (from within the panel) √ Content Management Umbraco, Dotnetnuke, mojoportal, Drupal, Silverstripe, Joomla Blogs Wordpress,, DasBlog, Subtext Galleries Photo Gallery Wikis Screwturn Wiki, FlexWiki, kbwiki Extra DNS Hosting (per domain)s √ (extra cost) Extra Web Storage 1GB √ (extra cost) Extra Traffic 1 GB √ (extra cost) Extra Domain Name (.gr) - 2 years √ (extra cost) MySQL Database √ (extra cost) Sql Server 2005/2008 √ (extra cost)
  15. hol web hosting Εμπιστευτείτε την εταιρική σας ταυτότητα στο Internet στην hellas on line Τα πακέτα hol web hosting προσφέρουν την πλέον αξιόπιστη επιλογή φιλοξενίας για την παρουσία σας στο Internet αλλά και την υποστήριξη του εταιρικού σας e-mail. Όλα τα πακέτα προσφέρουν: Δωρεάν domain name .gr και .eu και εξυπηρέτηση domain (Primary DNS) Επαρκή χώρο για αποθήκευση σελίδων Απεριόριστους e-mail λογαριασμούς στο δικό σας domain name Online στατιστικά επισκεψιμότητας 24ωρη τεχνική υποστήριξη. Τεχνικά χαρακτηριστικά Windows OS Basic Plus Power Plus Χώρος για τη φιλοξενία εταιρικού website 500 MB 1 GB 3 GB Χώρος για βάσεις δεδομένων,MSSQL 10 MB 50 MB 100 MB Windows File Manager, FTP, AWStats Web Statistics & Web Site Builder App ASP , ASP.NET 2.0, 4.0, Active Perl , SSI, SSL Proxy, PHP IIS Web Sites 1 1 1 Traffic Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Linux OS Basic Plus Power Plus Χώρος για τη φιλοξενία εταιρικού website 500 MB 1 GB 3 GB Χώρος για βάσεις δεδομένων, MySQL5 10 MB 50 MB 100 MB Linux File Manager, FTP, Log files access, Web Site Builder App CGI, WAP, SSI, SSL, PHP 4, PHP 5, Webalizer Apache Web Sites 1 1 1 Traffic Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Επιπλέον υπηρεσίες Κατοχύρωση επιπλέον ονομάτων χώρου .gr και .eu ή μεταφορά από άλλους καταχωρητές και ανακατεύθυνση στο βασικό web site Εταιρικό e-mail της μορφής με δωρεάν 5GB χώρο και απεριόριστα mailboxes Πρόσθετος χώρος για υπηρεσία e-mail : αναβάθμιση σε 10 GB ή 15 GB συνολικά για όλο το domain. Σημειώσεις: 1. Η χρήση των υπηρεσιών ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου προϋποθέτει ότι ο πελάτης διατηρεί δικούς τους DNS διακομιστές (DNS servers) ή εναλλακτικά χρησιμοποιεί τους διακομιστές της hellas online ή κάποιου Internet παρόχου, προϋποθέτει δηλαδή την παροχή υπηρεσιών εξυπηρέτησης domain name. 2. Δεν υποστηρίζονται ονόματα χώρου με εληνικούς χαρακτήρες. Τιμοκατάλογος Κατεβάστε τον αναλυτικό κατάλογο εδώ. Αν είστε ενεργοποιημένοι στο hol web hosting πριν τις 20/05/2013, κατεβάστε τον αναλυτικό τιμοκατάλογο για την προγενέστερη υποδομή εδώ Ενεργοποίηση και επικοινωνία Για να ενεργοποιήσετε τη συνδρομή σας στην hellas online ακολουθήστε τα παρακάτω βήματα: 1. Κατεβάστε και τυπώστε την αίτηση ενεργοποίησης 2. Συμπληρώσετε την αίτηση 3. Στείλτε την υπογεγραμμένη στην hellas online μαζί με αντίγραφο της ταυτότητας σας (και τις δύο όψεις) μέσω ταχυδρομείου στην παρακάτω διεύθυνση: hellas online Αδριανείου 2 & Παπαδά, 115 25 Αθήνα Υπόψη: Direct Telesales ή μέσω fax: 213 000 5769 ή μέσω e-mail στο Για πληροφορίες και τεχνική υποστήριξη καλέστε στο 13845