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  1. we decided to automate the whole process so we did this: CHECK ===== find /opt/cpanel/* -name zzzzzzz-pecl.ini -exec grep -Hn "imag" {} \; find /opt/cpanel/* -name imagick.ini -exec grep -Hn "imag" {} \; FIX ===== find /opt/cpanel/* -name imagick.ini -exec sed -i 's/extension=imagick.so/;extension=imagick.so/' {} \; /scripts/restartsrv_httpd /scripts/restartsrv_apache_php_fpm
  2. I found a nice clean guide for imagick PHP through SSH here: https://help.bigscoots.com/en/articles/730428-cpanel-easyapache-4-installing-imagemagick-and-imagick-php-extension cPanel EasyApache 4 Installing Imagemagick and imagick PHP extension This is a quick guide on how to install both the imagick PHP extension as well as the application via SSH. Written by Justin Catello Updated over a week ago This is fairly simple, just copy and paste the following into SSH. 1. Installing imagemagick: yum -y install ImageMagick-devel ImageMagick-c++-devel ImageMagick-perl 2. Installing the imagemagick PHP extensions for all installed PHP versions. for phpver in $(whmapi1 php_get_installed_versions|grep -oE '\bea-php.*') ; do printf "\autodetect" | /opt/cpanel/$phpver/root/usr/bin/pecl install imagick echo 'extension=imagick.so' >> /opt/cpanel/$phpver/root/etc/php.d/imagick.ini done /scripts/restartsrv_httpd /scripts/restartsrv_apache_php_fpm 3. Test to make sure imagemagick is installed: /usr/bin/convert --version 4. Test to make sure the PHP extensions loaded: for phpver in $(whmapi1 php_get_installed_versions|grep -oE '\bea-php.*') ; do echo "PHP $phpver" ; /opt/cpanel/$phpver/root/usr/bin/php -m |grep imagick done PHP 54 imagick PHP 55 imagick PHP 56 imagick PHP 70 imagick PHP 71 imagick Problem with this guide is this command: echo 'extension=imagick.so' >> /opt/cpanel/$phpver/root/etc/php.d/imagick.ini done We noticed with our colleagues in angellight.com it causes duplicate SO entries in: php.d/zzzzzzz-pecl.ini:extension="imagick.so" php.d/imagick.ini:extension=imagick.so as it shows here: https://support.cpanel.net/hc/en-us/articles/360052373474-Severity-Core-Warning-Module-imagick-already-loaded-Unknown-0 Symptoms You see these errors appearing in PHP's log files: ERROR - 17/08/2020 18:48:48 --> Severity: Core Warning --> Module 'imagick' already loaded Unknown 0 ERROR - 17/08/2020 18:48:48 --> Severity: Core Warning --> Module 'imagick' already loaded Unknown 0 ERROR - 17/08/2020 18:48:49 --> Severity: Core Warning --> Module 'imagick' already loaded Unknown 0 ERROR - 17/08/2020 18:48:49 --> Severity: Core Warning --> Module 'imagick' already loaded Unknown 0 ERROR - 17/08/2020 18:48:49 --> Severity: Core Warning --> Module 'imagick' already loaded Unknown 0 Description This usually means that the module has been loaded more than one time i.e. there are at least two instances of the directive that loads the module in PHP's configuration files. This can occur when the module has been installed multiple times using different utilities (yum, pecl, etc). In our case the directive looks like this: extension="imagick.so" Workaround First, we need to identify what PHP version the domain (AKA VHost) is using. You can run this command to confirm the PHP version the domain is assigned to: uapi --user=$USER LangPHP php_get_vhost_versions | egrep -i domain -A 1 Here $USER must be replaced with the name of the user the domain belongs to. The output looks like this: uapi --user=cptest LangPHP php_get_vhost_versions | egrep -i domain -A 1 domain: foo.testing.com version: ea-php72 -- domain: sub.cptest.net version: ea-php72 -- domain: foo1.bar1.com version: ea-php72 You will see the PHP version each domain is using listed underneath the domain name. Now you need to go to this location: cd /opt/cpanel/ea-php##/root/etc Don't forget to change the PHP version (ea-php##) in the above path with the domain's PHP. And now if you recursively search for the module-loading directive from above, you should see more than one line showing up: grep -ir imagi * php.d/zzzzzzz-pecl.ini:extension="imagick.so" php.d/imagick.ini:extension=imagick.so You need to edit one of these files and comment out the line where the directive appears and then restart the PHP-FPM service from the WHM > Restart Services > PHP-FPM service for Apache interface. The error messages should now disappear.
  3. so we were excited to start using Windows 11 and the issue when using VmWare workstation was only one - no network So i tried updating using tethered mobile connection, then used hardware ID to find another driver as Vmware tools did not solve this PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_10D3&SUBSYS_07D015AD&REV_00\000C29FFFFF58EFB00 and nothing Worse is, i installed on KVM and all worked flawlessly ... so the problem was easy to solve in the end: edit VMX add the following: ethernet0.addressType = "generated" ethernet0.virtualDev = "vmxnet3" ethernet0.present = "TRUE" voila
  4. this was not enough, had to exclude a few files and dirs more to make this work properly
  5. wherever i visited it was made quite clear upgrading CentOS 6 to CentOS 7 is not a realistically viable option https://forums.centos.org/viewtopic.php?t=69363 and OVZ6 or otherwise OpenVZ aka Virtuozzo containers lack their kernel so migrating was between hard to not possible. https://www.lowendtalk.com/discussion/149162/migrate-from-virtuozzo-to-xen-or-kvm Well, we are happy to disagree since we managed to do the Virtualization equivalent of Magellan Circumnavigation after a week of hard work: we started with OVZ container running CentOS 6.10 and cPanel / WHM 11.86 with an upgrade blocker due to COS6 being EOL since November 2020. Managed by trial and error to migrate this container to a KVM clone running same CentOS 6.10 and all files cloned 1-1 with rsync. Then we run the magnificent yet underrrated Red Hat upgrade tool in the KVM virtual machine to upgrade to CentOS 7.0.1406 and had to recreate the missing grub2 entries since grub is no more on COS7. From that point onwards we managed to properly yum update to 7.9 and finally to fix cPanel RPM issues and run a full WHM upgrade to 11.94. In short : OVZ COS6 WHM 11.86 -> KVM COS6 WHM 11.86 -> KVM COS7 WHM 1186 -> KVM COS7 WHM 11.94 and are are running now at latest version with functionality surprisingly high if not almost full identical www.forumsandmore.com
  6. certifications looking good now !!!
  7. nano /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo [base] name=CentOS-$releasever - Base #mirrorlist=http://mirrorlist.centos.org/?release=$releasever&arch=$basearch&repo=os&infra=$infra baseurl=http://vault.centos.org/centos/$releasever/os/$basearch/ gpgcheck=1 gpgkey=file:///etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-CentOS-6 #released updates [updates] name=CentOS-$releasever - Updates #mirrorlist=http://mirrorlist.centos.org/?release=$releasever&arch=$basearch&repo=updates&infra=$infra baseurl=http://vault.centos.org/centos/$releasever/updates/$basearch/ gpgcheck=1 gpgkey=file:///etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-CentOS-6 #additional packages that may be useful [extras] name=CentOS-$releasever - Extras #mirrorlist=http://mirrorlist.centos.org/?release=$releasever&arch=$basearch&repo=extras&infra=$infra baseurl=http://vault.centos.org/centos/$releasever/extras/$basearch/ gpgcheck=1 gpgkey=file:///etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-CentOS-6 #additional packages that extend functionality of existing packages [centosplus] name=CentOS-$releasever - Plus #mirrorlist=http://mirrorlist.centos.org/?release=$releasever&arch=$basearch&repo=centosplus&infra=$infra baseurl=http://vault.centos.org/centos/$releasever/centosplus/$basearch/ gpgcheck=1 enabled=0 gpgkey=file:///etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-CentOS-6 #contrib - packages by Centos Users [contrib] name=CentOS-$releasever - Contrib #mirrorlist=http://mirrorlist.centos.org/?release=$releasever&arch=$basearch&repo=contrib&infra=$infra baseurl=http://vault.centos.org/centos/$releasever/contrib/$basearch/ gpgcheck=1 enabled=0 gpgkey=file:///etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-CentOS-6
  8. When moving a KVM image to another server, it’s a pretty simple process. If you’re using SolusVM or Virtualizor, it makes it even easier. However, if you have a VM node which hosts openVZ containers and need to move them to a new node with different virtualization, QEMU/KVM in this case, it makes things a little more difficult. The main different between KVM and openVZ is the level of virtualization. OpenVZ is an OS level virtualization which means the hosts’ kernel is shared with guest containers inside it, you can’t use your own kernel. KVM is very different. It’s a full virtualization. The whole OS and its kernel is virtualized so you can even install an OS with its own kernel in it, like installing Windows VM inside a linux host. So let’s get on with this tutorial now that we have a little background. Please proceed at your own risk! – Converting OpenVZ to KVM box Let’s start the moving process. 1. The first step before start moving the box is installing a KVM box with the exact same OS as the openVZ container, preferably same point revision too (You will want to run yum update on both VM’s to make sure) 2. SSH into both VMs. 3. In the KVM box, or openVZ box, install mingetty. I’m using CentOS 6.2 so I use yum to install mingetty yum install mingetty 4. Edit /etc/inittab in the VM installed with mingetty vi /etc/inittab and add these lines # Run gettys in standard run levels 1:2345:respawn:/sbin/mingetty tty1 2:2345:respawn:/sbin/mingetty tty2 3:2345:respawn:/sbin/mingetty tty3 4:2345:respawn:/sbin/mingetty tty4 5:2345:respawn:/sbin/mingetty tty5 6:2345:respawn:/sbin/mingetty tty6 This will enable the machine to actually get a logon prompt. 5. Install rsync on both VMs yum install rsync 6. From the openVZ box, make a text file containing files to exclude. This will preserve settings in KVM box to make sure the VM is bootable. nano /root/exclude.txt add these lines to exclude.txt, you may customize it to your needs /boot /proc /sys /tmp /dev /var/lock /etc/fstab /etc/mtab /etc/resolv.conf /etc/conf.d/net /etc/network/interfaces /etc/networks /etc/sysconfig/network* /etc/sysconfig/hwconf /etc/sysconfig/ip6tables-config /etc/sysconfig/kernel /etc/hostname /etc/HOSTNAME /etc/hosts /etc/modprobe* /etc/modules /net /lib/modules /etc/rc.conf /usr/share/nova-agent* /usr/sbin/nova-agent* /etc/init.d/nova-agent* /etc/ips /etc/ipaddrpool /etc/ips.dnsmaster /etc/resolv.conf /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 7. Now we can start to sync the OpenVZ box to the KVM box. In the openVZ box, type: rsync –exclude-from=”/root/exclude.txt” –delete –numeric-ids -avpogtStlHz -e “ssh -p ” / root@ That’s all, to make sure everything’s working, reboot the KVM box when the rsync process has completed. Once your new KVM box is up, you will have to go in there and make the IP changes to cPAnel/WHM, shoutcast, zPanel, or whichever other control panel you’re using. https://blog.webhostpython.com/2015/11/25/how-to-convertmigrate-openvz-vps-to-xenkvm/
  9. IPS Community Suite 4.5.2 Released 09/09/2020 Key Changes We are pleased to announce that Invision Community 4.5 is now available and packed with new features, enhancements, and even a new look! Major New Features / Enhancements - New Front-End Design - AdminCP Dark Mode - Site Statistics, Search Insights, and Club Statistics - Marketplace now built into the AdminCP - Mobile App for iOS and Android (Beta) - Zapier Integration for Invision Cloud Communities In addition to these new enhancements, there are countless other additions and improvements. Check out our product blog to see what we have been up to. Before Upgrading Before proceeding with your upgrade, please note that all third party resources are disabled during the upgrade process. We strongly recommend ensuring that all of your installed applications, plugins and themes have Invision Community 4.5 compatible updates available to allow continued use. Please see the full release notes for other important changes, feature removals and deprecations. Additional Information Deprecations The following items have been marked as deprecated in Invision Community 4.5. This means that while they currently work, they will be removed in a future version and will no longer receive bug reports. Commerce: Authorize.net Payment Gateway. Web Hosting & Domain support. Core: BBCode parsing support - upgrading users will be asked during upgrade if they wish to retain BBCode parsing support, while new installations will have the option off by default. APC, Memcache, Wincache and Xcache caching engines , we recommend using Redis instead. Feature Removal The following features have been removed in Invision Community 4.5. Core: We will no longer address any issues specific to Internet Explorer 11 and below and will not ensure compatibility with those versions. ImageProxy has been removed. On upgrade, there is an option to restore the original remote image links, or direct links to the cached image which will be retained. Downloads: REST API 'files' response in REST API, see /downloads/files/{id}/download instead. Security Improved password strength checks to detect password values set identically to the account username or email address and to consider them weak. Improved method of encrypting certain text. Improved AdminCP session handling, removing the session ID from URLs and introducing alternate CSRF protections. Improved email change process to invalidate any pending password reset requests. Fixed user not being prompted for two-factor authentication when signing in from a new device. Fixed an issue where it was possible to bypass the messenger recipient count limit. Fixed a niche issue where it was possible in certain configurations to view others profile field attachments on the registration page. Fixed a race condition issue where it was possible to artificially inflate or reduce a user's reputation score. Limited password inputs to 72 characters max to reduce the chance of a malicious user forcing unnecessary computationally expensive operations on the server. Fixed an issue where AdminCP sessions may be usable longer than expected if a community receives little activity. Core Added beta of Zapier integration for Invision Cloud communities. Added new activity feed and twitter feed widgets Added new view modes, enhanced existing and added more functionality to topic view. Added an initial onboarding screen in the AdminCP for new installations. Added the ability to filter members in the AdminCP by rank. Added the ability to mark a post as the solution without needing the full QA mode. Added the ability to ony show a preview of new private message / new content email notifications to stimulate re-engagement back to the community. Added the ability to have TikTok links become embeddable in an editor. Added the ability to select from stock photos when uploading images. Added the ability to disable advertisements on non-content pages and error pages. Added support for chunked uploading to Amazon S3 which allows for larger file sizes to be uploaded. Added support for PHP 7.4. Added support for Sign in with Apple. Added support for version 4 of the bit.ly link shortening API. Added new options to prune follows, known IP addresses, known devices, and item markers, and default options for some existing prune options have been updated. Added the ability for Club Owners and Leaders to create and manage static pages within their clubs. Added the ability to show content messages only to staff members (moderators). Added a list of members who reacted to content in the tooltip when hovering on the reaction icon. Added overview statistics pages in the AdminCP. Added the plugin version to the ACP plugin list. Added a type-ahead search option when selecting tags from a closed tag input field that contains more than 20 tags. Added support for non-English searches in Giphy when the site is using a language Giphy supports. Added additional static-type links to the sitemap file. Added the ability to filter by custom profile fields in bulk mail, group promotions and exporting member lists. Added the ability to create custom phrases within the language system. Added the Invision Community Marketplace to the AdminCP. Statistics can now be downloaded as CSV files. Added the ability for Club Owners and Leaders to manage the visibility of the members page. Improved referrals tracking and introduced a global community invite feature. Improved the live meta tag editor. Improved performance of several areas of the software. Improved in-AdminCP upgrader to be able to handle more types of upgrades and improve reliability. Improved "Allowed characters in display names" setting to give pre-defined options. Improved performance of thumbnail generation. Added a setting that determines which comment you see first when opening an item. Added the ability for administrators to force users to reset their passwords. Added pending club invites to the club directory sidebar. Added a setting to disable automatic language detection. Added the ability for members to cancel club join requests. Added the ability to include club content to widgets. Added the ability to include/exclude widgets in clubs. Added an AdminCP statistics page for Clubs. Added search term tracking and a statistics page to monitor search term usage. Added a clarification notice to the edit log on the front end when edit logs are pruned. Added a friendlier error message when uploads fail due to a server problem. Added current percentage completed to progress bars. Added ability to filter reputation given and received statistics in the AdminCP by date. Added a check for the PHP file_uploads configuration directive to the support tool. Added theme settings to set maximum logo width at each device size. Changing the default application will be logged to the ACP Admin Log. Added ability for club leaders to specify rules for a club, and force members to acknowledge them. Added the database name and username to database queries to identify slow queries between multiple installations on a single database server. Removed the separation by app in the block manager. Removed the ability to import profile photos from a remote URL to improve security. Removed the image proxy feature to improve security. Removed Digg and Delicious share links. Removed the "What's New" link from the user menu in the AdminCP if the administrator is restricted and cannot reach the page. Removed the newsletter widget from showing in the sidebar by default on new installations. Improved display name availability check when name contains multiple concurrent spaces. Improved memory usage when uploading large images by handling resizing and rotation in the user's browser, rather than by the server. Improved GeoIP lookup caches to store for longer periods of time. Improved randomization for widgets that order by "random". Improved logging of curl-related errors to include the URL that curl attempted to connect to. Improved host detection for guest page caching. Minor styling updates for embeds. Logging in anonymously is now more reliably tracked across multiple devices. Long quotes will now automatically truncate with a "Read more" link to expand the quote to improve usability when long quotes are used. Updates search compatibility for Elastic Search 7. Upgraded CKEditor to 4.14.1. Flagging a member as a spammer will now remove any profile cover photo they may have uploaded. The clubs map now centers around available clubs rather than showing a whole world view. Changed the redirect targets from clubs, to redirect to a club feature after the feature creation and when a member joines a club. Changed the "Maintenance Tasks Not Running" admin notification to check for two or more tasks that have not ran to reduce false positive notifications in the event a feature is enabled which enables a task which has not ran in a long time. Restored the ability to view a list of members through the advanced search without appending unnecessary extra parameters to the URL. Adjusted certain code to remove reliance on MySQL functionality deprecated as of version 8.0.17. Changed the parser to allow <picture> HTML tags through to prevent errors with RSS imports that may use them. Changed the content deletion process so that reports related to the content are no longer deleted. Added logging out as a controller that can bypass forced account completion when a login handler cannot prepopulate a username or an email address. Added rel="nofollow" to certain links in order to instruct search engines not to follow them. Added the ability to export member reputation points when downloading a member list from the AdminCP. Added a confirmation dialog to the "Restore default streams" button in the AdminCP. Improved Google Maps setup page in AdminCP. The Report Center now properly handles content pending deletion. Updated Google Charts to use the latest API (v47). Improved editing a members secondary group by automatically switching between Checkboxes and a Select menu depending on how many groups are present. Improved the way how traffic run tasks are called. Updated the email failure AdminCP notification to run on login instead of email send. Updated the recommended PHP version to 7.3. Search result snippets are now truncated on the server before being served to the browser to increase efficiency. Tags are now shown in search results/streams on mobile devices. Updated the URL used for Twitter oEmbed requests. Added support for converting words to links as well as acronyms in posting settings. Adjusted Easy Mode theme editor to remove support for gradients and simplify the user interface. Added support for 'invert' to easily create dark themes. Fixed an issue where some nodes may not be available in various areas of the software (for instance, forums not being available to move subforums to when deleting a parent forum, and custom Pages blocks not being available to select in the widget manager). Fixed attachments not being claimed when added to Club Editor custom fields. Fixed an issue where admin-validated post-before-register accounts would not trigger follow notifications to be sent. Fixed an issue where bulk mail content count filters caused an error. Fixed an issue where editing a comment and using a word filter entry configured to hold the content for moderator approval may not actually do so. Fixed an issue where stream filters were not updating when the time period was changed. Fixed an issue where items in the main menu "more" overflow can appear in the wrong order. Fixed public club content not showing in streams and searches for guests. Fixed an issue where anonymous users may be displayed in the "Who's Online" widget. Fixed an issue where the files overview member link targeted the wrong location. Fixed an issue where admin control panel failed mail notifications could show a template error. Fixed an issue where predefined tags would not show in category settings when using a closed system. Fixed an issue where searching PMs would only show 25 results. Fixed an issue where incomplete members may not be cleared out of the database. Fixed an issue where Mapbox geolocation could return invalid location data in some circumstances. Fixed an issue where mass moving/pruning members could return no results. Fixed an issue where choosing to move club content while deleting a club resulted in that content being deleted instead of being moved. Fixed an issue where 'and' could be duplicated in lists of followers. Fixed an issue where the selected security questions during registration may reset if the form reloads with an error. Fixed an issue calculating member's age in some locations. Fixed an issue where groups could not be configured to allow reporting of personal conversations. Fixed an issue where HTML advertisements could be saved without any HTML code, resulting in a PHP notice being triggered when previewing the ad. Fixed an issue where dates can show in the wrong format in some configurations. Fixed an issue where uninstalling an application may leave behind attachments for that application. Fixed an error that can prevent inline notifications from showing up. Fixed an issue where the stream condensed/expanded toggles did not work when visiting the URLs directly. Fixed an issue where multimoderaction actions on ony page would redirect to the first page. Fixed a conflict that can occur when two or more external databases are set up for login handling. Fixed an issue where it was possible to bypass profanity filters when using quick title edit. Fixed an issue where the requirement checker may not highlight issues with a storage configuration if only one exists. Fixed an issue where the wrong file size may be shown in upload errors. Fixed an issue where content types that are not searchable may be shown as filter options in streams. Fixed an issue where the support tool would not clear guest page caches. Fixed an issue where personal conversation replies cause a member's "last post" date to be reset incorrectly. Fixed an issue where it was not possible to comment on a reported status update. Fixed some issues with status update/profile comment submissions that fail due to being too large. Fixed an issue where the default module may not be correctly set when installing a new application. Fixed an issue where meta tags could be added to pages they were not intended for. Fixed an issue where group promotion rules for date joined, last posted and last visited may not match correctly. Fixed an issue where disabling clubs in the settings would still leave the "Allow club moderators" setting visible. Fixed an issue where RSS exports may not show all available areas. Fixed some issues tracking and resetting limits when a per-post attachment limit is applied to a group. Fixed an issue where giphy thumbnails may show distorted if your "Maximum image dimensions to display" setting is set very low. Fixed an issue where guest cache may throw an error if a database issue is encountered. Fixed a potential issue that can occur when upgrading with InnoDB tables when MySQL is set to use MyISAM by default. Fixed an issue where unnecessary profile sitemap files may be processed. Fixed a javascript error that can occur due to lazy loading in some cases. Fixed an issue where the drag handles may not show up correctly when attempting to adjust the tab order on the club nav bar. Fixed an issue where certain URLs may not be fetched as expected. Fixed an issue where members that can hide their own content may not people to hide items when creating them. Fixed an issue where blog entries do not update club last activity time. Fixed an issue where it was not possible to move club content to other clubs when deleting sections. Fixed an issue with certain embeds (such as Spotify) in certain environments. Fixed an issue where the "Flagged as spammer" email notification would be missing the details about who was flagged as a spammer. Fixed Unsubscribe Links not working in some cases when Email Link Tracking is in use. Fixed an issue where resorting hidden content in the Moderator CP redirects you to the report center. Fixed an error viewing reports of content items queued for deletion. Fixed signature images not displaying in the AdminCP when image lazy loading is enabled. Fixed an issue where editing content meta messages will not show existing attachments on the edit form. Updated HTMLPurifier to 4.12.0. Removed the ability for an administrator to override a user's time zone. Centralised RSS importing and added support for image enclosures on export and import. Fixed an issue where multiple YouTube embeds in an editor could lead to the editor wrapper overflowing its bounds. Fixed default country when entering an address being incorrectly detected for some users. Fixed an issue where restoring certain default menu items resulted in missing language strings. Fixed an issue where two moderator groups applying to a single user may allow the user to revoke warnings even if they do not have permission. Fixed an issue where carousel widgets would not be scrollable in certain configurations. Fixed certain content links such as links to direct posts not always taking you to the correct page in a multipage topic. Fixed an issue where setting a limit for the maximum items on a sitemap would include the oldest instead of the newest content. Fixed an issue where a 'flash of unstyled content' may appear in Firefox when lazy-loading embedded content. Fixed an issue in the AdminCP where a tooltip would appear off the edge of the screen where a member had no display name set. Fixed an issue where deleting a reaction would not redirect back to the reputation settings tab. Fixed an issue where terms and tags can be removed from search queries in some circumstances. Fixed an issue where some addresses could be saved with a location unintentionally. Fixed a styling issue with the 'Back Button' in the Menu Manager. Fixed potentially being sent to a random page when splitting comments from one content item to another content item. Fixed an issue where deleting reactions would leave the images on the file system. Fixed some structured markup validation concerns. Fixed an error that can occur for guests who have chosen to use a theme which is subsequently deleted. Fixed an SQL error during certain (intentionally invalid) AdminCP login attempts. Fixed an issue where a database can occur if the login form is submitted with no credentials supplied in specific scenarios. Fixed an issue where clubs may reflect an incorrect last activity date. Fixed an issue where signature options would still show when ignoring users even with signatures disabled. Fixed an issue where the member last visit time may not be set for new members. Fixed an issue where checkbox set custom fields could not be set as searchable. Fixed an issue where an administrator who could manage member moderators or group moderators (but not both) will not see the correct options when adding moderators. Fixed extraneous spaces/newlines displaying on some forms. Fixed an issue where partially uploaded files can be orphaned on disk. Fixed an issue where topic links were not correctly using the user unread/first/last post preference. Fixed an issue where members could be informed they were on mod queue because of a warning that had already expired. Fixed an issue where already pending post before register content is not processed if the feature is disabled. Fixed an error that can occur when a cron-based request results in content being parsed, such as when running tasks via cron following an upgrade from 3.x. Fixed an issue where saving group display name changes with blank values caused an error. Fixed a potential SQL error that can occur when upgrading from IP.Board 3.4.9. Fixed an issue paginating in tables when certain special characters were included in the URL. Fixed a potential error that can occur when uninstalling some third party applications. Fixed an issue with language pack list formats when first adding a new language pack. Fixed an issue where when lazy-loading is enabled, a lightbox would not be available for images that had not yet loaded into the browser. Fixed an issue where the REST API would return an error while fetching a clubs data. Fixed an issue where clicking Back in a browser after navigating to a new page of a table would not load the correct content. Fixed an issue where dropdown menus in the main navigation bar may disappear when moving the mouse cursor. Fixed a styling inconsistency in the AdminCP with the clubs page when clubs are disabled. Fixed an EX0 error that can occur with widgets in specific configurations. Fixed an issue where deleting a comment or review may incorrect update the count on the respective tab or remove the tab altogether. Fixed clicking a tag not working when Friendly URL's were disabled. Fixed an issue where certain columns would not be automatically detected when importing members from a CSV. Fixed an error viewing clubs on PHP 7.4. Fixed an issue where anonymous users may show online to administrators when they are not online. Fixed Twitch embeds broken following an update on Twitch.tv. Fixed an error using advanced table searches on PHP 7.4. Fixed excess whitespace being included in the editor when certain text is used in an editor for a promoted item. Fixed an issue using the "insert existing attachment" feature in the AdminCP in some cases. Fixed some outdated phrasing when unsubscribing from emails. Fixed an issue where the "Keep aspect ratio" option when editing image dimensions in the editor may not default correctly. Fixed an incorrect message showing when banning an account in the AdminCP. Fixed an issue where links in plain text emails could break with click tracking enabled. Fixed editor buttons not replacing multiple instances of a {content} variable. Fixed an inability to edit a post containing a badly embedded quote. Fixed an issue where emoji may still replace in the editor even if the setting is disabled. Fixed background task progress bar reporting incorrectly in some cases. Fixed quicksearch menu closing on the front end when clicking on certain rows instead of the labels directly. Fixed some javascript errors that can occur when the page is updated via AJAX. Fixed an SQL error that can occur during upgrades in some cases. Fixed page title reflecting "undefined" when editing permissions for certain editor buttons in the AdminCP. Fixed some buttons in the AdminCP moving into the page header out of the tab the button belongs to when reloading the page. Fixed the "note for member" field when warning a member being wiped when the reason for the warning is changed. Fixed an issue where the REST API can output other members 'last activity' times regardless of anonymous setting. The "Mobile Nav Background" theme setting has correctly been renamed to "Main Nav Background". Fixed a broken page layout on the Username History page. Attachment titles are no longer excessively cropped vertically. The Reconfirm Terms page has been wrapped in .ipsBox to improve contrast in certain themes. Notifications to the author are no longer sent for linked content inside quotes. Fixed an issue where "Posting" and "Profiles" AdminCP menu items may not show even if the restricted administrator has access to parts of them. Fixed an issue where validating members showed in search results. Fixed an error with Windows that can cause certain date and language string values to be broken. Fixed template disk cache files not being made writable in some environments. Fixed an issue where invalid SMTP email credentials could cause content to be posted twice in some cases. Fixed performance issue sending usage report. Fixed an issue viewing all reactions for individual comments. Removed certain logging when using OAuth2 which was unnecessary and could consume a lot of database space. Fixed an issue where the front session handler may be unintentionally started when using \IPS\Output::i()->sendOutput(). Removed the Delete and Flag As Spammer buttons from member rows when filtering on groups. Fixed an issue where the front session handler may be unintentionally started when using \IPS\Output::i()->sendOutput(). Fixed an issue where uploading a new emoticon with IN_DEV being enabled would result in an exception with PHP 7.4. Fixed an issue where a previous bug could cause the remote image proxy task to error. Fixed an issue sorting personal conversation IP address lookup results by date in the AdminCP. Fixed birthdays sometimes not showing on profiles. Fixed an issue where profiles of users that have followers disabled would show an error with PHP 7.3. Fixed an issue where newly created club icons do not show when editing. Fixed mobile Twitter links not automatically embedding. Fixed a rare error that can occur when deleting a block using the block manager. Fixed an issue where copying a node (such as a forum) that had content pending moderator approval can result in the new node indicating there is content to approve when it is empty. Fixed an error preventing certain image uploads pasted into the editor from uploading correctly. Fixed an issue where it may not be possible to save the 'exclude groups from leaderboard' setting. Fixed an issue displaying colored emoji in some environments. Fixed an issue where the live meta tag editor wouldn't save the form if only the site title was set without having any further tags. Fixed autocomplete fields not initially expanding to show all text when a value is pasted into the field. Fixed deleting a category, while also deleting children, not deleting child categories further than the first child level. Fixed an issue where new comment notifications could show guests in the commenter list when using post before register. Fixed an issue where club filter options would show in activity streams when no clubs were available. Fixed an issue where it was not possible to complete a password reset if the community was offline and email click tracking was enabled. Fixes an invalid “Thank you for vote” message when voting validation fails. Fixed an issue where deleted comments in certain applications may still show inline to moderators with approval to view them. Fixed an issue where setting up 2FA Security questions would result in an error with PHP 7.4. Fixed an issue where coverphotos set to bottom-align on desktop would show gapping on mobile. Fixed an issue where large images in emails may not behave responsively on all devices. Fixed page title duplicating in the Twitter share box when clicking the Twitter share link. Fixed an undefined variable in an upgrader HTML template. Fixed an issue with carousels not advancing to the next image in some edge cases. Fixed an issue where paginating in a comment feed (e.g. a topic) wouldn't work reliably if an anchor (e.g. #comment) was present in the URL. Fixed an issue where users may be incorrectly prompted about new replies in a topic when navigating to a different page via the "back" button. Fixed an issue in the mobile hamburger menu where sub-items may appear to be 'missing' because the menu is actually scrolled down too far. Fixed issues with submenus sometimes opening off-screen when on small devices or when using an RTL language. Fixed an issue where in certain situations, autocomplete results would be incorrectly positioned on mobile devices. Fixed an issue where hovercards may sometimes display partially off-screen. Fixed an issue where the progress bar can exceed 100% when enabling designer's mode. Fixed an issue where new-style Twitter embeds may appear narrow in some browsers. Fixed an issue where the filesystem datastore directory configuration option may still show if selecting to use Redis for caching. Fixed a minor SEO concern reported by the latest version of Lighthouse. Fixed an issue where files may not be deleted when using S3. Fixed dialog window titles clipping out of view if paginating a table within a dialog. Fixed an error with the UTF8 converter that can occur in certain cases. Fixed # anchor being added to the URL in the address bar when closing the drawer element on mobile. Fixed the members/notifications REST API endpoint returning notifications in the wrong order. Fixed a potential syntax error when performing a MySQL search. Changed upgrades to write current upgrade step data to the database instead of to a temporary file on disk. Changed the support tool to only run database checks against enabled applications. Changed the auto-upgrader to only run database checks against enabled IPS applications. Removed custom theme CSS from AdminCP pages. Removed unnecessary down caret from submenus on the primary navigation bar in some cases. Removed the obscure hash from CSS and JS files to prevent duplicate files that are not always cleaned up. Calendar Improved performance for specific (common) recurring event patterns. Changed the "Upcoming Events" widget to honor the configured widget cache period (previously we forced the widget to cache for 12 hours). Fixed an issue where event reminders would still send for the original date if an event is edited. Fixed an issue where the "repeat until" end date, if specified, may not reflect the correct date after saving the event. Fixed an issue where creating a recurring even could fail. Fixed an issue where reminders could be sent for events no longer viewable. Fixed an issue with some events showing up incorrectly on the day after they occur, in addition to the correct date. Fixed importing iCal files failing in some cases. Pages Added page builder widgets to create visually interesting pages. Added support for moving comments on records between the Forums and Pages applications. Added Open Graph tags for non-database pages where appropriate. Tags for Manual HTML pages and Blocks now include custom phrases from the language system, with the ability to add new ones directly from the form. Editor type blocks created in the AdminCP under Pages > Blocks are now translatable for communities with multiple languages. Improved performance of large Pages databases. Improved template management. Added lazyload for YouTube, SoundCloud & Spotify fields. Removed a deprecated option to use a special gateway or index for Pages. Removed a hardcoded limit of 5MB for files uploaded to the media manager. Changed the "Show that the message has been edited" setting to be disabled by default, to keep it consistent with the rest of the suite. Fixed an issue where comment and record attachments could become incorrectly associated, or become editable by other users submitting comments or records. Fixed an issue where hidden records or comments contained a wrong hide reason. Fixed an issue with JSON+LD structured data which can cause Google Webmaster Tools to flag structured data for Pages database entries as invalid. Fixed a potential overflow concern on the database record submission form for smaller devices. Fixed an issue where records may not redirect properly when the wrong casing is used in a static friendly URL. Fixed an issue where records will not redirect properly after being moved when a static friendly URL value is used. Fixed an issue where externally embedded blocks do not work if "Allow community to be embedded in an iframe" is not set to "Anywhere". Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to use pagination on non-database pages. Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to set the future publish moderator permission on individual databases. Fixed an issue where the task to remove unneeded sidebar blocks could become frozen. Fixed an issue where the database categories block would show without a border when displayed horizontally. Fixed an issue where block templates would not be set correctly. Fixed an error deleting a database category that contained a subcategory with records. Fixed an issue where duplicate block keys may occur when a specific block key is not supplied. Fixed an issue where menu titles would not correctly use database titles when set as an override. Fixed an issue where ratings may not display correctly if reviews are disabled. Fixed an issue where the sitemap lastMod value may incorrectly be set. Fixed a database error that can occur when upgrading IP.Content from prior to Invision Community 4.x. Fixed an issue where title and content fields would not be presented in the "quick update" form when viewing a Pages record if they were configured to do so. Fixed an issue saving Pages templates when comparing the modified template to the default. Fixed an error when attempting to delete a review response in a Pages database. Fixed Mention notification not sending when updating custom fields for a record while viewing the record. Fixed a bug where the width/height attributes for Youtube fields in databases may not be honored. Fixed an issue where number fields would reflect a value of 0 when no value is supplied. Fixed an issue where a Pages database record may incorrectly appear as authored by the administrator editing the record. Fixed an issue where a select field set as the title field for a database would not require the user to select a non-blank option. Fixed an issue where the sitemap rebuild task could break while trying to build the sitemap for a not existing database. Fixed an issue where creating and editing Page Templates would redirect to a wrong template after saving the recently created template. Fixed an error that can occur in Pages databases when the page the database is on has a custom non-default theme applied. Fixed an issue where the insert into post icon would show for record images even though this is not functional. Removed the ability to edit topics automatically created by a Pages database record. Commerce Added ability to have trial periods for Packages and Subscription Plans, and take card details upfront if it is a free trial. Added ability to define different tax rates for consumers, businesses and EU VAT-registered businesses. Added ability to mass upgrade/downgrade or cancel purchases of a given product. Added option to update existing purchases when changing tax rate for a product which renews. Improved add address link in client area to load form in a modal. Improved product list in AdminCP to include counts of current purchases and better indicate if the product can be purchased (including its stock level, if applicable) and/or upgraded/downgraded. Improved UI in storefront for products which have renewal terms to make it clearer what the real cost is. Improved UI in storefront when viewing products that has the "Allow users to purchase more than one?" setting disabled that the user has already purchased. Improved how expired subscriptions are handled, prompting user to renew rather than start a new subscription. This also fixes an issue where a user may abuse initial term pricing if it is cheaper than renewals. Users can no longer completely cancel an existing subscription (but can still stop renewals). Improved warning page when deleting a product to clarify the steps which should be taken to retire a product. Improved default invoice timeline settings (by default renewal invoices now sent 12 hours before expiry). Improved the error messages shown when a user attempts to visit an invoice in order to pay it but is not logged in, or is logged in to a different account. Updated PayPal gateway to use new Subscriptions API. Updated Stripe gateway for latest supported currencies and card types. Added a missing language in the Administrator logs for enabling subscriptions. Fixed expiration date of subscription sometimes being lost when upgrading/downgrading plan. Fixed renewal invoices being regenerated if cancelled. Fixed an issue where Stripe payment gateways could only be saved if the webhook created had all available events configured to be sent, instead of just the events we need. Fixed wrong package price being used when generating an invoice in the AdminCP and using a non-default currency. Fixed Stripe webhooks potentially reporting an error. Fixed an issue checking out using Braintree combined with coupons. Fixed support request emails containing not displaying non-latin characters correctly if "Outgoing Email Format" is set to "Normal email". Fixed attachments not being claimed in Editor custom fields for Purchases, Support Requests and Customers. Fixed PayPal Billing Agreements mis-charging for purchases manually renewed early. Fixed customers being able to cancel orders while payment is under review. Fixed an issue where copying product physical settings would cause all values to be reset. Fixed an issue where the estimated tax for a product may be inaccurate, particularly when logging in and out with multiple accounts to test. Fixed an issue where deleting a payment method can cause errors to throw when viewing a transaction made through that method. Fixed an issue where updating a product could fail because of a not existing license or license type. Fixed an issue where referrals may not be counted during guest checkout. Fixed issues saving the Easy Post settings form. Fixed incorrect sorting of product filters in Commerce categories. Fixed an inability to choose any product groups to mass-move products to from within the AdminCP. Fixed an issue where recurring payments through Stripe may not succeed for specific customers who purchased in the past. Fixed an issue where checking out using Stripe may not correctly show the payment completed screen. Fixed an issue where non billing contacts were shown a link to pay invoices. Fixed an issue where required upload custom fields in support requests could be skipped. Fixed an issue where support custom fields could display incorrectly. Fixed an issue where member groups would not be restored when users immediately cancel a subscription if they were manually added to the subscription package. Fixed an error checking out when purchasing a paid file from Downloads with a title length longer than 128 characters. Fixed an issue where copying the product filters field value to other products failed. Copy possibility was removed now. Fixed inconsistent use of "Gift Voucher" vs "Gift Card". Fixed an error that can occur when processing incoming support requests if attachments are linked in them. Fixed a problem formatting currencies in some environments. Fixed an error editing Commerce packages on PHP 7.4. Fixed an issue where the wrong tax rate may be applied to an invoice when manually generating a renewal invoice. Fixed an issue with the Admin Notification for shipments where associated invoices would not be shown. Fixed an untranslated language string when managing addresses during a checkout. Fixed an untranslated date when printing invoices. Fixed an unnecessary API call being made for regular PayPal purchases and refunds. Fixed an issue where it may not be possible to give permission to edit email copy settings to restricted admins. Fixed cancelling/refunding a purchase for a product also deleting child purchases, which would also cause an error when viewing the invoice for the child purchases. Fixed a typo. Fixed an issue where purchases from disabled applications would break the purchases list and the purchase details pages in the ACP and frontend. Removed “Update payment details” button from invoice notifications, which was causing confusion as payment wouldn't actually be reattempted. Subscription package cover photos will not be shown if none of the packages have images. Fixed an issue where the "My Details" menu item shows to guests. Fixed an issue where coupon expiry dates may not save or display correctly when editing. Fixed guests being able to submit responses to reviews on products. Fixed possible uncaught exception if an error occurs when upgrading/downgrading subscription plans. Fixed minor UI issue when trying to mass change / cancel purchases of a product which doesn't have any other products in the same group. Removed the "Associate Purchase" button from support requests in the AdminCP if the administrator is restricted and cannot reach the page. Converters Added support for converting Blog & Blog Entry categories. Added support for converting vB3/4 Avatar Gallery avatars. Added support for converter Club Pages. Added support for new edit name/date/reason functionality in Calendar, Blog & Downloads. Added support for converting WoltLab Suite Core (3.1) and WoltLab Suite Forum (5.1) Added URL redirect support for two very old vBulletin formats: showthread.php?postid=x and showthread.php?threadid=x. Added a new redirect for Photopost showphoto.php URLs. Added the ability to auto detect the PhpBB avatar salt/hash. Improved performance for XenForo & vBulletin conversions. Updated RSS import conversion methods to support new functionality. Fixed an issue where converting SVG sprites from XenForo would cause the conversion to halt. Fixed a missing language string when converting blog attachments. Fixed current status showing HTML code. Fixed an issue where you may not be prompted for a path when converting Club icons. Fixed an issue where orphaned (without valid category) articles are not converted from vB CMS. Fixed an issue where certain Youtube video embeds may not convert properly from vBulletin. Fixed a potential issue converting inline attachments in vBulletin/XenForo where the inline position may be lost. Fixed attachments and editor autosave behaviour not working correctly when using the bulk submission process. Fixed an edge-case scenario where a conversion would not convert any data. Fixed an error that could occur when rebuilding posts following a conversion. Fixed album descriptions not being parsed following a conversion. Fixed an issue where resuming a conversion that had been interrupted during private message reply conversion, would start from the first reply. Fixed an issue reconverting steps using the converter developer mode. Removed a duplicate language string. Forums Added ability for Forums created within Clubs to be set so that users can only see the topics they posted (e.g. for a support forum). Added the dateModified property to the structured data that is produced for search engines. Added support for accessing RSS feeds even when guests cannot access the forum. Added an option to mark an individual topic to require moderation for new posts. Exposed some additional configuration options for redirect forums. Improved configuration of topic and post feed widgets to disable forums that cannot be selected. Fixed an issue where deleting a user may leave topics they've posted in forums with "Can view other user's topics" disabled incorrectly showing up in activity streams. Fixed an issue where topics in forums with "Users can view other user's topics" disabled may still see those topics in feed blocks from the forum. Fixed an issue where moved topics may result in the original forum showing as unread indefinitely if a link is left to the new location. Fixed an issue where the ACP - "Popular Now" forum settings couldn't be saved. Fixed an issue where splitting and merging posts may not update popular topic info correctly. Fixed an issue where reputation information may become unassociated with posts when upgrading from 3.4.x. Fixed an issue redirecting certain legacy (3.4.x) topic links following an upgrade to 4.x. Fixed an issue where mass-moving topics from one forum to another from the AdminCP ignores the "last comment" filter option. Fixed some structured data errors, particularly when forums allow ratings to be issued on topics. Fixed an issue where merging links could cause an infinite redirect. Fixed an error message that may display if "Post Before Registering" is disabled and a user attempts to sign in by clicking the button that shows below a topic. Fixed "Start new topic" button not displaying on the index page on mobile for guests when post before registering was enabled. Fixed an issue where an error could be shown when viewing very old topics or the placeholder topic on new installs. Fixed an issue where the pagination wouldn't link to the comments area with disabled JS. Fixed deleting a member not appropriately referencing remote archive databases. Removed a duplicate language string ( 'any_time' ) which can prevent translating this string. Gallery Added support for accessing RSS feeds even when guests cannot access the Gallery. Added a link to the group settings page and clarifying text for the "Albums" category-level setting. Fixed videos not playing inline when embedded in content. Fixed follow notifications being sent when a member being followed submits images to Gallery despite no notification method being set for following a member. Fixed an issue with editing tags on multiple images consecutively in the lightbox. Fixed EXIF metadata not being read for images in some cases. Fixed a broken AdminCP livesearch keyword pointing to a setting that no longer exists. Fixed an issue toggling the setting on the "show map" form for images in Gallery. Fixed an issue on the ACP - Bandwidth Stats site which would result in an uncaught exception. Fixed a language string clash when both Gallery and Pages are installed which may result in being unable to translate a specific language string. Fixed an issue where editing tags for an image and then immediately attempting to edit the image details would cause the tag field not to load correctly. Removed ability to attach files in image descriptions. Downloads Added support for accessing RSS feeds even when guests cannot access the Downloads area. Added new 'popular' sort option to REST API for files. Added new /downloads/files/{id}/download endpoint for file downloads. Added new /downloads/files/{id}/buy endpoint for generating invoices. Added multiple items to REST API file response. Added new category setting to determine if a file can have more than one file uploaded at once. Added new 'minimum cost' setting for paid files. Added new 'maximum filesize' per-group setting as an upper cap on submission sizes for the group. Added ability to define where the download disclaimer shows (before purchase, before download or both). Added ability for custom fields to only appear to purchasers of a file. Improved the 'new version' file approval process, versions can now be moderated without hiding the existing version. File topics now get marked read (for the file author) when they are created. Separated new version update notifications from follows. Fixed an issue where Downloads files inserted into editors using "Insert other media" would display "Unavailable" below the filename, instead of the size and download count. Fixed a potential layout issue when editing a file that has screenshots. Fixed attachments not being claimed in Editor custom fields for Files. Fixed an issue where unapproved files could show in latest file info. Fixed an issue where the "Similar Content" widget may not show as many results as configured if you disable a Downloads category. Fixed an issue where moderators would not be notified of new versions requiring approval. Fixed an error saving a category in the AdminCP if the option to post a topic to the forums is enabled but no forum is selected. Fixed an issue where files which have a topic_id associated to it but where the topic doesn't exist anymore, would break the REST API. Fixed an issue rebuilding topics for Downloads categories when using cron-based tasks. Hid certain paid file settings in the AdminCP when accepting paid files is turned off in Downloads. Blog Added the ability to categorize Blogs and Blog Entries. Added support for accessing RSS feeds even when guests cannot access the blog. Fixed an issue where flagging a member as a spammer would hide/delete entries but not blogs. Fixed an issue where members browsing private blogs could appear in the online user list. Fixed an issue where club blogs could show with the wrong title when embedded elsewhere. Fixed an issue where blog entries would return a wrong dateModified jsonLd date. Fixed an issue where an error can occur on long comments on Blog entries when rebuilding from an upgrade from 3.x. Fixed an issue where blog attachments could break the 'My Attachments' Page. REST, GraphQL & OAuth Added a GraphQL API to power the Invision Community native apps Added support for Proof Key for Code Exchange by OAuth Public Clients. Added ability to order content items by last updated. Added parentId to node REST API endpoint responses. Added ability to send an X-Authorization header for communities running on a server with PHP in CGI mode, which may not make the Authorization header available. Previously the only alternative was to send the API key in the URL query string, which is undesirable for security. Added parentId to node REST API endpoint responses. Fixed several issues editing, updating and deleting clubs and club members via the REST API. Fixed issue where REST API reference may not show client or member only notices. Fixed Pages REST API create record endpoint not properly refreshing cached information at the category level. Fixed Pages REST API create record endpoint allowing creation of records without a title and body, which results in a broken record to be saved. Fixed the REST API documentation missing some properties which are included in the response when calling a database record. Fixed Forums REST API create forum endpoint ignoring several parameters. Upgrader Third-Party / Developer / Designer Mode All automatically created plugin directories contain now an index.html file. Automatically generated hook code contains now the return type and nullable parameters from the parent method. Added a new extension type OverviewStatistics which allows you to add blocks to the Stats > Activity > Overview and Stats > Users > Overview pages in the AdminCP. Added new public method mapUrl() to the Google and Mapbox mapping classes, allowing you to fetch the map URL without the template wrapper. Added ability to pass an instance of \IPS\Db to \IPS\Helpers\Table\Db constructors (and/or override the property after construction) to create tables that query against remote databases. Added support in converter libraries to pass last_vote as an instance of \IPS\DateTime for consistency with other timestamp parameters. Added support to pass a second parameter to contentImages() to ignore permission checks which is useful in places like widgets when "Honor permissions" is disabled. Added support to pass $tab and $after in the following form helper methods: addHeader(), addSeparator(), addMessage(), addHtml(), addMatrix(), and addDummy(). Added a minimize method and minimizeAfterReset option to editor JS widget to enable editors to be minimized programatically. Added a showAllNodes option to \IPS\Helpers\Form\Node to force all nodes to display even on the front end. Added a returnFullQuery() method to \IPS\Db\Select which will automatically replace binds so you can see the query that would execute easier. Added option to REST API to include club nodes in the returned list (affects Downloads/Forums/Calendar), defaults to not include club nodes. Added a preSave() method for the ModeratorPermissions extension which can be used to adjust submitted moderator permissions before they are saved. Added events ips.editorMenuOpen and ips.editorMenuClosed to be fired when a mention or emoticon event starts and stops while typing into an editor. Added update checking and author information for language packs. Changed method \IPS\Helpers\Form\FormAbstract::utf8mb4Check() from protected to public. Improved error reporting for SEO_TEMPLATE_IS_NOT_VALID_FOR_URL exceptions to return the query string and seo template that caused the error. Changed the \IPS\File\Amazon::generateTemporaryDownloadUrl() method so that it can be defined by any file storage handler engine and used automatically. Fixed an issue creating multi-column indexes that spanned both textual and date-type columns. Fixed an error that can occur with IN_DEV enabled when importing calendar events from ical file or feed. Fixed an issue where content item implementations that do not implement \IPS\Content\Searchable were still shown as filter options in streams. Fixed an issue with IN_DEV database schema synchronization for custom databases in Pages. Fixed an issue using the \IPS\Helpers\Table\Db table helper with excluded columns in some cases. Fixed IPS\Helpers\Form\WidthHeight instances only working in the AdminCP by moving the template to the global template location. Fixed an issue where select boxes with numeric values may not retain their selections properly if a form reloads due to an error. Fixed a potential undefined index issue throughout the Suite in the language system. Fixed a potential error calling \IPS\Member\Group::groups from certain contexts, such as cron. Fixed an undefined index in Pages when submitting a new record in some configurations. Fixed ratings for content from an application not being deleted when the application is uninstalled. Fixed default scrollScope for the infScroll javascript UI widget not working. Fixed an error attempting to call parent in a hook when using the hook editor within the AdminCP. Fixed undefined variable $form in \IPS\core\modules\front\system\register being passed to profile step formatFormValues() method calls. Fixed an issue where profile completion extensions could not be created without sub steps. Fixed an issue where the title of an advertisement wasn't deleted while the advertisement deletion. Fixed a pagination issue when the content item does not use an SEO slug component in the URL. Removed an unused mobile class property in IPS\Http\Useragent. Removed database schema functionality deprecated in MySQL 8.0.17, including specifying binary on a column, specifying lengths and zerofill for numeric column types, and specifying decimal places for float/double column types. AdminCP menu entries now support two new parameters: menu_checks allows you to define additional input key => value mappings in an array which will also be checked to determine if you are viewing the menu entry page in question, and menu_controller allows you to override the controller check when generating the menu key. This is used by Pages, for instance, to support highlighting the dynamically generated menu entries. AdminCP menu entries now support multiple keys in the restriction parameter, separated by commas. If any key matches, the administrator will see the menu item. Useful for tabbed screens where an administrator may not be able to access some tabs but does have access to others. Application.php files for individual applications can now define a sitemapLinks() method to return additional links to add to the sitemap without having to generate an entire sitemap extension. This should only be used to return a small handful of static links, and sitemap extensions should be used to add a dynamic number of links. Applications can now define a global.css which will automatically be loaded in streams and in searches to ensure you have the ability to apply custom styles to search results. An unnecessary profile field validation check in the registration controller was removed. Uninstalling an application will now remove attachment maps belonging to the application, allowing the attachments to be cleaned up if they are otherwise not being used. Changes affecting third-party developers and designers jQuery has been updated to version 3.5, which has some breaking changes. However, we are also including jQuery Migrate which re-implements some older APIs while functionality is updated. Check the browser console while developing your applications and aim to resolve any JQMIGRATE messages that your app in particular generates. Migration messages generated by Invision Community and its dependencies will be fixed over time. See https://github.com/jquery/jquery-migrate/blob/master/warnings.md for more information. All AdminCP controllers now require CSRF-protection as on the front-end. File storage handlers must now handle chunked uploading differently. See \IPS\File\FileSystem::chunkInit(), \IPS\File\FileSystem::chunkProcess() and \IPS\File\FileSystem::chunkFinish() - these 3 need to be implemented, replacing the previous chunkAppend() method. Building applications will now store a flag for which module is set as the default, and that module will be set as the default module when users install your application (or upgrade your application, if no other module is already set as the default). The default module will not be reset or changed during upgrades automatically. If you must change a default module during the upgrade, you may do so manually with a database query, however be mindful that administrators may legitimately wish to adjust which module is the default in any given application. Pages comment and review loading now enforce that the comment or review belongs to the specified database. You cannot use \IPS\cms\Records\Comment::load() to load a comment or \IPS\cms\Records\Review::load() to load a review, but must ensure the comment or review ID you are loading belongs to the class it is loaded through (e.g. if loading comment ID 1 and it belongs to database ID 1, you must now use \IPS\cms\Records\Comment1::load()). Dynamic Charts now support the ability to download the generated data as CSV. Details here: BBCode parsing is now considered deprecated, and may be enabled or disabled. If you must rely upon BBCode parsing occurring, you may need to parse content through \IPS\Text\LegacyParser instead of the general \IPS\Text\Parser class. The ability to use SQLCALCFOUND_ROWS has been removed globally because it has been deprecated as of MySQL 8.0.17. If you relied on this functionality to fetch a total row count (i.e. for pagination purposes), you will need to update your code to explicitly run a count query to fetch the total row count separately. Added a new parameter to \IPS\Content\Item::markRead() to force an update even if the content already appears to be read. The postComplete() method for a Queue background task (if defined) was not previously called when preQueueData() returned NULL, which has changed. The postComplete() method will now be called, and a new parameter $processed can be checked to determine if the queue task did anything or not. If you define the postComplete() method for any Queue background tasks, you should add a second parameter $processed which defaults to TRUE. A new variable was introduced in \IPS\Dispatcher\Controller to allow you to set specific controllers and controller actions as "non-content specific", so that google ads & co aren't served on this pages. Please keep this in mind for your custom controllers. The \IPS\Helpers\Form\Node class was incorrectly relying on "view" permissions in some cases to determine if a node should be included in the form helper select box (even in areas like the AdminCP where the nodes should be available even if you cannot view them). This should not pose any issue for third parties, but you may wish to review your node helper instances and ensure all nodes are always shown when appropriate (e.g. nodes the administrator cannot view on the front end are still available for selection in the AdminCP when appropriate, or that they are not available to select when they shouldn't be selectable). Applications built in Invision Community 4.5 will automatically remove deleted language strings when your application is upgraded. A new background task PruneLargeTable has been added which can aid in pruning potentially large database tables. The \IPS\Db::i()->delete() method can now accept an array for $statementColumn and will join the inner table on instead of using a subselect. Some (but not all) implementations of loadFromUrl() previously performed permission checks, however these have been removed and it is now up to user-land code to perform these permission checks when needed. An exception is now thrown if an invalid file storage exception is called in \IPS\File::get() when in development mode. Added a $rowClasses param as the last param when creating a form field, that can be used to pass additional CSS classes to the form row template. Added a urlencode and rawurlencode option for language strings which will urlencode/rawurlencode the entire language string that is returned. Added a $currency parameter to \IPS\nexus\Package::price() to override default customer's currency. Simplification of the .ipsResponsive classes to allow them to be used in a larger variety of cases. Removed image dependency from .ipsStepBar allowing its color scheme to be edited via css. Removed icomoon dependency from css. The icons which were created using this font have been replaced with FontAwesome and pure css equivalents. The icomoon files are still present, so they can be imported using custom.css if necessary. A data-role attribute has been added to list items in .cAuthorPane_info, allowing for more accurate CSS targeting of author stats. The padding and margin values under the .cSearchExpanded class have been replaced with a pseudo element. If you have modified this class or #elSearch, some minor adjustments may be required to ensure the alignment of your search form is correct in your theme. Headers (.ipsWidgettitle, .ipsTypesectionTitle, etc) will now respect the font-family of the body element if the "Headline Font" setting is set to Default. Changed the default font-family from a Helvetica stack to a system-ui stack. Centralised display name checks in a new method \IPS\Login::usernameIsAllowed(). Added a new method \IPS\Text\Parser::hasContent() that determines if any actual content was supplied from an editor. This can be used in templates (for example) to adapt the layout depending on whether a node has a description or not. New CSS utility families have been added: ipsFlex, ipsPad (updated to include more variants) and ipsMargin. All support responsive prefixes (md: and sm:) to control how the classes behave at different device sizes. For example, ipsFlex-fd:row sm:ipsFlex-fd:column would make an element flex-row by default, but flex-column on small screens. Similarly, ipsMargin_top sm:ipsMargin_top:half would apply 15px margin-top by default, but only 7px on small screens. See the CSS framework for complete class availability. All hex values inside theme .css files have been replaced with {theme="setting"} equivalents, allowing for a more consistent color scheme, especially with dark themes. The HTML structure for the navigation bar on .ipsLayout_minimal pages is now identical to regular pages. Changed \IPS\Member::generateLetterPhoto() to a public method and added an option to return the letter and color, vs the entire SVG data string. Changed polls to use the poll $url rather than the general form action in the pollForm template. Added new font scale theme settings to keep typography on a fixed scale where appropriate. To aid usage, a new {fontsize} plugin tag is included, which accepts either a font scale size key (e.g. small, medium) or a number in pixels. The new global font scale setting will automatically be honored when the {fontsize} tag is used. Added \IPS\Helpers\Form\Enum which can be used to display a ChecboxSet or Multi-Select box depending on the amount of options present on the form. Useful when Checkboxes are ideal UI, however the amount of options can be dynamic, which can cause issues when many options are present. Applications and Plugins can now create language strings using \IPS\Lang::saveCustom(). The first parameter will now accept either a string or an instance of \IPS\Application for an Application, or an integer or an instance of \IPS\Plugin for a plugin. CodeMirror Form Helpers can now accept a tagLinks option. When used, links (similar to links built in the header of the AdminCP) can be added to the headers for that specific section to allow direct linking to another area. Note, however, that if you need to perform AJAX functions, you will need to include that manually in any JavaScript controllers you implement on the form. CodeMirror Form Helpers can now accept a tagSource option. This should be an \IPS\Http\Url instance, which will then load any tags via AJAX. \IPS\Data\Store::i()->failedMailCount has been replaced with a new method \IPS\Email::countFailedMail() for a real time count Settings have been added to themes to set a maximum logo size at large, medium and small device sizes. The getQueryWhereClausemethod in Bulk Mail Extensions should return only a simple array with the where clause instead of a DB where clause with the parameter binding. Applications and Plugins now have the ability to include Pages templates when they are built. The templates will be imported when the plugin/application is installed. \IPS\File::get() now has a third parameter to accept an integer of the filesize if it is already known. This is a performance improvement for when filesize() is used. If file storage contents are declared 'private' (and use S3 storage) the REST API will now return a signed URL for these resources. The \IPS\Content\Content::urlFromIndexData() method now accepts a third parameter definining the do action, similar to the existing url() method. Fixed an issue where the subnode flag may be lost when mass moving or deleting content. Deprecations Core: Apc, Memcache, Wincache and Xcache caching engines, we recommend using Redis instead. Core: We will no longer address any issues specific to Internet Explorer 11 and below and will not ensure compatability with those versions. Core: BBCode parsing support - upgrading users will be asked during upgrade if they wish to retain BBCode parsing support, while new installations will have the option off by default. BBCode parsing may be removed entirely in a future release. Commerce: Authorize.net Payment Gateway. Commerce: Web Hosting & Domain support. Downloads: REST API 'files' response in REST API, see /downloads/files/{id}/download instead.
  10. Hello SYSBUNNY,

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    Feel free to browse our community accessing all sorts of information and getting to know our members.

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  11. IPS Community Suite 4.4.10 Released 02/04/2020 Key Changes This is a maintenance release to fix bugs. Additional Information Core Added support for PHP 7.4 Added support for [Emoji 12.0](https://emojipedia.org/emoji-12.0/) and [Emoji 12.1](https://emojipedia.org/emoji-12.1/) emojis Removed support for Gfycat embeds due to ongoing unaddressed security concerns on their end. Adjusted advertisement CSS classes to use a dynamic class name. Added a reset to the "upgrade in progress" flag when the upgrader is reached but there are no applications to upgrade. Added caching to the "Who's Online" widget. Improved progress indicator in "Complete My Profile". Improved ElasticSearch error logging. Added an empty alt attribute to reaction images in streams, which validators may flag as invalid HTML. Upgraded CKEditor to 4.13.1. Upgraded PHPUserAgent to 0.15.0, which resolves an issue with detection of the latest Opera browser releases. Updated Firefox & Edge logos on device management pages. Disabled database read/write separation for tasks. Disabled tasks being triggered by AJAX requests. Blew Lindy's mind. Fixed clubs showing up in some places when users did not have permission to access the clubs module. Fixed signature edit field showing for moderators when editing a user when signatures are disabled globally. Fixed an issue with member history logs when a user logs in from a new device but has not completed 2FA (when required). Fixed a javascript error triggered by browser notifications on Android devices. Fixed an issue where users that do not have permission to view Clubs, can still visit content item URL's directly. Fixed display issues with coub.com embeds. Fixed an issue detecting the visitor's country in some cases when using address form inputs. Fixed an issue with dates adjusting incorrectly when crossing over DST threshold in some areas. Fixed an issue using arrows in the editor after an emoji is inserted in some cases. Fixed an issue where some items could be missing from the leaderboard. Fixed an issue where disabled apps could still attempt to process custom URLs. Fixed an issue paginating in tables when certain special characters were included in the URL. Fixed an issue where cookies set by javascript designed to "stick" would expire in Jan 2020. Fixed AdminCP notification that a member is validating not disappearing if the member is flagged as a spammer rather than banned directly. Fixed SendGrid failing to work when using a dedicated IP pool. Fixed an issue where non-required profile completion steps may not be shown after required steps in some cases. Fixed an issue where re-entering the profile completion process after completing it once, but taking an action that requires completion again, may not place you on the correct profile completion step. Fixed javascript errors preventing most javascript from working in IE11. Fixed moderators encountering an error when removing a reaction from a profile status update or status reply made by another user. Fixed an issue where a required profile completion step to supply values for profile fields that do not display on the a user's profile may result in endless loop. Fixed an issue where a user will see an option to skip required profile completion steps, which will just reload the step. Fixed multi-moderation actions so that they redirect back to the page you are currently on. Fixed an issue that can occur when searching by member and changing between result pages. Fixed an issue that caused images to not show properly in poll options. Fixed an issue where sitemaps may show a distant past last modified date for content that doesn't have a valid last modified date. Fixed an issue where animated GIF images may not be properly identified as animated. Fixed an issue where profile photos would not be saved during profile completion if file uploads was the only available option. Fixed an issue rebuilding topic content for areas such as Downloads and Pages that cross post to the forums. Fixed an issue displaying certain locale-specific characters (such as the thousands separator, and the currency symbol) on Windows. Fixes a visual issue on dropdowns in webkit-based browsers. Fixed favicon icon not applying to the AdminCP correctly. Fixed potential broken images when the image filename contained parenthesis characters. Fixed the Safari Mask Icon not working in some server environments. Fixed an issue where using long URL's in an announcement can cause a MySQL error. Fixed an issue using custom WHERE clauses with an external database login handler. Fixed unapproved comments incorrectly being counted on forums where the item has been moved and a link to the item has been left in its place. Fixed an issue embedding Flickr albums in posts. Removed 'nofollow' tag from status updates when member has no other content. Commerce Added clarification that a billing address is required for automatic renewals when deleting the primary billing address. Added a currency selector to the subscriptions listing. Adjusted the payment method deletion process to prompt the administrator for confirmation if there are active PayPal Billing Agreements, and to cancel those Billing Agreements prior to deletion. Fixed error approving or voiding transactions which were held for approval which were from a PayPal Billing Agreement. Fixed an issue where the AdminCP notification indicating your PayPal payment gateway is not set up correctly may erroneously trigger. Fixed an issue where custom fields may incorrectly show up when checking out as a guest while quick registration is enabled. Fixed a possible error when applying changes to subscription plans to existing purchases. Fixed an issue where converting a product with a tax to a subscription failed. Fixed invoice title not showing for transactions in Authorize.Net's control panel. Fixed possible error taking Authorize.Net payments Fixed an issue where images from upsold products in the add to cart dialog may not be styled or sized correctly. Fixed transactions using the "Manual (check, bank wire, etc.)" payment method not showing in the list of transactions requiring attention. Fixed an issue where testing settings would just output the card types when using Braintree. Fixed an error during the upgrade when no default currency is set. Fixed an error that occurs when creating or editing a coupon code and unchecking the "No end date" option but not providing an end date. Fixed an issue where profile completion could be triggered during checkout in some circumstances. Fixed possibility of setting up Stripe without a valid webhook. Fixed subscriptions bypassing the payment confirmation screen. Fixed a styling issue with the Member Subscriptions widget. Fixed a styling issue with the "Best Sellers" and "Latest Products" widgets in some cases. Fixed referrals not working when the site is not accessible to guests. Fixed an issue where checking a Braintree webhook URL from the Braintree control panel would report a 500 server error incorrectly. Converters Improved the conversion process when disabling a conversion step that another step required to run first. Added conversion of article tags to vBCMS. Added conversion of extra article categories in vBCMS, extra categories will be converted as tags. Added conversion of meta tag keywords and descriptions when converting records from vBCMS. Reordered some background tasks that run after a conversion is complete to prevent an SQL error during processing. Improved vBulletin 4 conversion to retain user validating status where possible. Improved vBulletin conversions to convert more PMs where they may not have previously been converted (due to parent messages being deleted). Improved URL redirects for some vBulletin URLs including Social Groups, Social Group Discussions & Blog Entries. Fixed an issue where some vBulletin Blog comments may be skipped during conversion. Fixed an exception that can occur if Pages was selected as a conversion, but all options were disabled. Fixed product filters displaying in the store using the "internal" name instead of the "public" name. Fixed IP address information not converting with vBulletin Blog. Fixed certain user preferences not converting with vBulletin 4. Fixed some PHP notices that can occur in vBCMS converter with specific data. Fixed an issue where Gift Card email links may not work correctly when email statistics are enabled. Removed URL redirection for vBCMS records since required data is not available to support this. Forums Fixed an issue where the moderation history link wasn't shown for deleted topics. Fix Safari not scrolling to the reply box when clicking the "Reply to this topic" button at the top of a topic. Downloads Fixed REST API documentation showing the wrong endpoints for categories. Fixed sidebar not showing Club content correctly when the "Show Club Content Areas" setting is set to "Throughout the community" Gallery Fixed an issue submitting images with capitalized file extensions when movies have maximum allowed filesizes. Fixed multiple issues adding, editing and repositioning image notes. Fixed an incorrect gap between the tabs and reviews/comments while viewing an image. Pages Improved database permission configuration forms to better indicate if a group won't be able to access the database due to page-level permissions. Fixed bullet points using the wrong style (unfilled circle rather than filled circle) in database records. Fixed a (potential) issue moving database records files when adjusting the file storage configuration method for database records. REST / OAuth Fixed an uncaught exception in the member notifications REST API endpoint when an orphaned piece of content is present. Fixed certain `notificationData` entries returning `NULL` in the member notifications REST API endpoint. Fixed an issue where address lines in REST API calls may be returned as an object instead of an array. Third-Party / Developer / Designer Mode Fixed an issue using the node form helper when not using `$titleLangPrefix` in the node model, and using apostrophies in a node's title. Advertisements no longer use the .ipsAdvertisement_* class names, and instead use dynamic classnames unique to each community. Themes that restyle advertisements should update their CSS to use `.ips{expression="mb_ucfirst(\IPS\SUITE_UNIQUE_KEY)"}` instead. Adjusted the abstract class definition for `\IPS\Content\Search\Index::hashesWithPermission()` to match the docblock. Fixed an issue where Database table helpers could allow a blank advanced search value in specific situations. Fixed an error using reviews with content items but not containers when post before registering is enabled. Removed an extra parameter being passed to `_comments()` in some cases which could interfer with third party plugins. Removed some unused code in `\IPS\Output::error()`.
  12. This tutorial explains how to backup and restore MySQL or MariaDB databases from the command line using the mysqldump utility. The backup files created by the mysqldump utility are basically a set of SQL statements that can be used to recreate the original database. The mysqldump command can also generate files in CSV and XML format. You can also use the mysqldump utility to transfer your MySQL database to another MySQL server. If you don't backup your databases, a software bug or a hard-drive failure could be disastrous. To help save you lots of time and frustration, it is strongly recommended that you take the precaution of regularly backing up your MySQL databases. Mysqldump Command Syntax Before going into how to use the mysqldump command, let's start by reviewing the basic syntax. The mysqldump utility expressions take the following form: mysqldump [options] > file.sql Copy options - The mysqldump options file.sql - The dump (backup) file To use the mysqldump command the MySQL server must be accessible and running. Backup a Single MySQL Database The most common use case of the mysqldump tool is to backup a single database. For example, to create a backup of the database named database_name using the user root and save it to a file named database_name.sql you would run the following command: mysqldump -u root -p database_name > database_name.sql You will be prompted to enter the root password. After successful authentication, the dump process will start. Depending on the database size, the process can take some time. If you are logged in as the same user that you are using to perform the export and that user does not require a password, you can omit the -u and -p options: mysqldump database_name > database_name.sql Backup Multiple MySQL Databases To backup multiple MySQL databases with one command you need to use the --database option followed by the list of databases you want to backup. Each database name must be separated by space. mysqldump -u root -p --databases database_name_a database_name_b > databases_a_b.sql The command above will create a dump file containing both databases. Backup All MySQL Databases Use the --all-databases option to back up all the MySQL databases: mysqldump -u root -p --all-databases > all_databases.sql Same as with the previous example the command above will create a single dump file containing all the databases. Backup all MySQL databases to separate files The mysqldump utility doesn't provide an option to backup all databases to separate files but we easily achieve that with a simple bash FOR loop: for DB in $(mysql -e 'show databases' -s --skip-column-names); do mysqldump $DB > "$DB.sql"; done Copy The command above will create a separate dump file for each database using the database name as the filename. Create a Compressed MySQL Database Backup If the database size is very large it is a good idea to compress the output. To do that simply pipe the output to the gzip utility, and redirect it to a file as shown below: mysqldump database_name | gzip > database_name.sql.gz Create a Backup with Timestamp If you want to keep more than one backup in the same location, then you can add the current date to the backup filename: mysqldump database_name > database_name-$(date +%Y%m%d).sql The command above will create a file with the following format database_name-20180617.sql Restoring a MySQL dump You can restore a MySQL dump using the mysql tool. The command general syntax is as follows: mysqld database_name < file.sql In most cases you'll need to create a database to import into. If the database already exists, first you need to delete it. In the following example the first command will create a database named database_name and then it will import the dump database_name.sql into it: mysql -u root -p -e "create database database_name";mysql -u root -p database_name < database_name.sql Restore a Single MySQL Database from a Full MySQL Dump If you backed up all your databases using the -all-databases option and you want to restore a single database from a backup file which contains multiple databases use the --one-database option as shown below: mysql --one-database database_name < all_databases.sql Export and Import a MySQL Database in One Command Instead of creating a dump file from one database and then import the backup into another MySQL database you can use the following one-liner: mysqldump -u root -p database_name | mysql -h remote_host -u root -p remote_database_name The command above will pipe the output to a mysql client on the remote host and it will import it into a database named remote_database_name. Before running the command, make sure the database already exists on the remote server. Automate Backups with Cron Automating the process of backing up the databases is as simple as creating a cron job what will run the mysqldump command at specified time. To set up automated backups of a MySQL database using cronjob, follow the steps below: Create a file named .my.cnf in your user home directory: sudo nano ~/.my.cnf Copy and paste the following text into the .my.cnf file. [client] user = dbuser password = dbpasswd Copy Do not forget to replace dbuser and dbpasswdwith the database user and user's password. Restrict permissions of the credentials file so that only your user has access to it: chmod 600 ~/.my.cnf Create a directory to store the backups: mkdir ~/db_backups Open your user crontab file: crontab -e Add the following cron job that will create a backup of a database name mydb every day at 3am: 0 3 * * * /usr/bin/mysqldump -u dbuser mydb > /home/username/db_backups/mydb-$(date +%Y%m%d).sql Do not forget to replace username with your actual user name. You can also create another cronjob to delete any backups older than 30 days: find /path/to/backups -type f -name "*.sql" -mtime +30 -delete Copy Of course, you need to adjust the command according to your backup location and file names. To learn more about the find command check our How to Find Files in Linux Using the Command Line guide. Conclusion This tutorial covers only the basics, but it should be a good starting for anyone who wants to learn how to create and restore MySQL databases from the command line using the mysqldump utility. https://linuxize.com/post/how-to-back-up-and-restore-mysql-databases-with-mysqldump/
  13. IPS Community Suite Released 01/02/2020 Key Changes This is a maintenance release to fix bug reports since Additional Information Core Fixes an issue where cookies set by javascript are not stored permanently Commerce Fixes an issue when paying with PayPal
  14. IPS Community Suite Released 12/20/2019 This is a security release and we recommend all clients upgrade as soon as possible. Key Changes This is a maintenance release to fix security reports since 4.4.9. Additional Information Security Block binary/octal/hex/decimal based hostnames from being submitted in forms that could trigger an SSRF. Gfycat OEmbed endpoint could create XSS. Also informed Gfycat of issue. - Thanks to René Kroka - https://renekroka.cz for reporting this issue. Addition attachment permission checks when downloading attachments.
  15. IPS Community Suite 4.4.9 Released 12/02/2019 Key Changes Version 4.4.9 is a maintenance update to fix critical issues reported since 4.4.8. Additional Information Core Added ability to search for members based on custom profile fields with type "Checkbox Set". Improved the warning form to make it clearer when a preset action cannot be overridden. Updated PhpUserAgent to 0.14.0 for 'Edgium' support. Fixed an issue where duplicate quote/mention/embed notifications could be sent when editing content. Fixed an issue where you could submit the form to update your profile information with no date set for your birthday, resulting in your form submission being ignored. Fixed an unclear page title when searching for members. Fixed a potential issue sending digests when cron is used to run tasks. Fixed an issue with dates adjusting incorrectly when crossing over DST threshold in some areas. Fixed an issue where some administrators may not be able to manage applications in the AdminCP in some permission configurations. Fixed a MySQL 8.0.17 compatibility issue with the 4.0.0 Alpha 1 upgrade step. Fixed an issue where attachment filename text could be edited in the editor. Fixed an issue with status update pagination not appearing correctly in some cases. Fixed profile photo uploads allowing you to upload more than one file without automatically removing the previously uploaded file. Blogs Fixed an issue where draft entries submitted in private/closed clubs may not be visible by club owner or moderators. Fixed an issue where club blog entries may not be visible to global moderators/administrators when they have permission to view all club content. Forums Removed trendlines from charts in the AdminCP to reduce confusion. Commerce Fixed a situation where duplicate display names were allowed when checking out as a guest and the user was not prompted for their display name. Fixed Stripe webhooks potentially reporting an error. Fixed an issue with generating renewal invoices via the task system. Fixed an issue where custom fields may incorrectly show up when checking out as a guest while quick registration is enabled. Fixed a possible error when applying changes to subscription plans to existing purchases. Gallery Fixed a styling issue for widgets not set to show on all devices in some cases on pages. Fixed an issue where the sitemap could be stopped being rebuilt. Pages Changed categories in databases that do not allow direct record submissions to not output a "noindex" <meta> robots tag. Changed database category sitemap files to include empty categories if they contain subcategories.