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Windows 11 NIC on VmWare workstation

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so we were excited to start using Windows 11


May be an image of screen and text that says 'ThisPC Pinned RecycleBin All apps MicrosoftEdge Edge Settings Microsoft Edge File Explore Recommended Get Started Welcome .w Windows 8 NickTheGreek 6:37 PM Monday 6/21/2021'


May be an image of text that says 'Settings Home Find setting About System Windows specifications Display Pro Sound Edition Version Installed on os build Experience Notifications & actions Windows Dev 6/21/2021 21996.1 Windows Feature Experience Pack 321.14700.0.3 Focus assist Copy Power sleep Change product key or upgrade your edition of Windows Storage Read the Microsoft Services Agreement that applies to our services Read the Microsoft Software License Terms Multitasking Projecting to this PC Related settings BitLocker settings Shared experiences Device Manager'

and the issue when using VmWare workstation was only one - no network


So i tried updating using tethered mobile connection, then used hardware ID to find another driver as Vmware tools did not solve this




and nothing


Worse is, i installed on KVM and all worked flawlessly ...


so the problem was easy to solve in the end:


edit VMX add the following:


ethernet0.addressType = "generated"
ethernet0.virtualDev = "vmxnet3"

ethernet0.present = "TRUE"



No photo description available.



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