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Smartphone applications developers for modern devices

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The smartphone industry has become so ginormous. Every smartphone comes with multiple pre-installed apps for, example, web browser app, camera app, calculator app, music play app, and many more. All these applications are developed by native operating system developers. Mobile applications of different platforms from category work accurately the same. Only the platform makes them different. However, you can develop an iOS native application in Android and Android application into iOS for example, Google Chrome is an Android native but I can also perform the same on iOS. Smartphone applications developers use cross-platform app development frameworks. Even though native operating system developers prefer native frameworks to build a mobile app for their platform. Every mobile app company has flexibility in their technology so that’s why they also switch to cross-platform frameworks. To become a professional grade developer, first, understand what native frameworks are and what cross-platform frameworks are. Apple has Objective-C and Swift and Android use Java.  

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